Head Linesman From Eagles-Browns Game Officiated a Middle School Game Last Night

Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 3.43.46 PMPhoto via Deadspin and Getty

One thing we’re not complaining about (thankfully) from Sunday’s game is the replacement officials. Sure, there may have been quite a few holding calls and eyebrow raises, but for the most, the newbies did a fine job. Presumably, head linesman Kevin Akin did an equally fine job when he officiated a game in Oklahoma last night between Bethany and Casady… middle schools.

via Deadspin:

A reader in attendance for a seventh-grade football matchup between Bethany Middle School and Casady in Bethany, Oklahoma reports the referee for tonight's middle school game is none other than Kevin Akin, who served Sunday as head linesman for the Browns-Eagles game and will be working the Broncos-Falcons Monday night game this coming week.


So, this weekend when one of your friends after a few-too-many beers drunkenly exclaims, “What are these, Pop Warner officials?!” you can assure him that they are just that.

Roger Goodell’s NFL, ladies and gentlemen.


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  1. WOW. Yeah they were horrible dude. The two calls against Jeremy Maclin for holding and offensive pass interference were bush league. Most of the holding calls were bad. It was one sided…they just flat out suck.

  2. The replacement officials did a fine job? Maybe they didn’t factor too much in the Eagles game, but the 49ers/Packer and Arizona/Seattle games were horrific.

  3. Awesome! Let’s rip on people for trying to earn a living. And in a living room somewhere, a blogger is attempting to pass himself off as a respectable journalist.

  4. Hey! Guy’s gotta earn a living any way he can. I don’t begrudge him for that. Meanwhile, No one’s going to REALLY raise a stink over replacement refs until they cost a team a win thanks to a blatantly bad call, and if a victimized team is one of the NFL’s elite squads, say New England, Green Bay or the Giants, then and only then will Roger Goodell move heaven and earth to get the real zebras back.

  5. Let’s give these guys a break. Sure, they have made (and will make) mistakes. But many of you are focusing on their calls, looking for mistakes; don’t forget that the regular (maybe former?) officials have made aggregious mistakes also.

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