Ilya Bryzgalov Didn’t Get Off to a Great Start in Mother Russia

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In Soviet Russia, goaltender still don’t stop puck!

I’m kidding. Somewhat. But Ilya Bryzgalov lost his debut with CSKA in Russia today, 4-3

We’re not going to get in the Bryzness of providing running updates of Flyers playing overseas, but thought Bryz’s shaky(-sounding) performance was noteworthy. Of course, he hasn’t had any training camp or preseason.

Broad Street Hockey’s Travis Hughes, who deserves a medal for watching the live feed of a Russian hockey game, provides some details:

Though not to blame for that goal, Bryz's overall performance seemed shaky — a bit positionally awkward. It's just one game, of course, and the rest of the league has been at it for weeks while he was just making his season debut. Hopefully that's a big reason for the struggles, but Bryzgalov didn't look that comfortable in the net during the 15 or 20 combined minutes I had a chance to watch the game.


Video of one goal, including sexy Russian hockey cheerleader at the :15 mark… after the jump. She’s basically a hot girl, man.


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  1. bryz is now onto his 4th set of pads in less than a calendar year as well as his 4th mask. and i thought niitty changed pads often while he was a flyer.

  2. With the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement set to expire Sept. 15, the prospect of another tough round of negotiations means next season may not start on time. Forward Danny Briere said a harmonious relationship between the two sides left him hopeful a new deal could be struck without any game interruption.
    “I just have a feeling there’s more respect for both sides,” Briere said. “That’s what gives me the confidence something will be worked out.”
    That’s a concern for another day. Instead, the Flyers spent this one lamenting their missed opportunity in a wide-open playoff race to win their first championship since 1975.

  3. As for me, the scary thing is this has been the 10th time this season that the flyers defense has no idea what to do with the guy behind the net either they are all watching the puck or there is a defense overload with both on one side. the other night timonen actually left the post to chase a guy behind the net. an absolute rookie mistake.

  4. “…but thought Bryz’s shaky(-sounding) performance was noteworthy.”
    “Of course, he hasn’t had any training camp or preseason.”
    So…’s not noteworthy.

  5. no, you dont need to post about every flyer over seas, but if giroux goes over seas i want to see analysis of everytime that fucking ginger touches the puck

  6. @MM
    I would need to watch the game…
    Not going to judge his performance on one goal given up in his first game of the season. Has he had any ice time all summer other than that? Is he game ready? Does it really matter what he does in the KHL? All I care about is that he stays healthy and the NHL takes care of the CBA…
    as for the solo goal…defense chased the guy behind the net then did not cover the guy in front. Not Bryz fault…much more credit goes to the offense for pulling off a great play…
    Kyle just puts this crap up because its going to get hits and bring in more clicks…
    Anyone can be a reporter/journalist or blogger in philly…just mention a goalie controversy or QB Controversy and boom your in…
    Come get me in December when the season starts and we actually care about his performances…

  7. I think that Bryz has never really been in the spotlight , in terms of media markets, Phoenix and Anaheim are small potatoes in comparison to Philly. It’s all mental for Bryz and I’m not sure he can handle that kinda pressure nightly. He’s got the skills, he’s just a basket case between the ears. He was all.

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