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In Soviet Russia, goaltender still don’t stop puck!

I’m kidding. Somewhat. But Ilya Bryzgalov lost his debut with CSKA in Russia today, 4-3

We’re not going to get in the Bryzness of providing running updates of Flyers playing overseas, but thought Bryz’s shaky(-sounding) performance was noteworthy. Of course, he hasn’t had any training camp or preseason.

Broad Street Hockey’s Travis Hughes, who deserves a medal for watching the live feed of a Russian hockey game, provides some details:

Though not to blame for that goal, Bryz's overall performance seemed shaky — a bit positionally awkward. It's just one game, of course, and the rest of the league has been at it for weeks while he was just making his season debut. Hopefully that's a big reason for the struggles, but Bryzgalov didn't look that comfortable in the net during the 15 or 20 combined minutes I had a chance to watch the game.


Video of one goal, including sexy Russian hockey cheerleader at the :15 mark… after the jump. She’s basically a hot girl, man.