Jason Kelce Has a Torn MCL, Partially Torn ACL

Not good news for Jason Kelce and his beard.

Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder told reporters today that Kelce has a torn MCL and a partially torn ACL.

The Eagles will wait the 4-6 weeks for the MCL to heal before deciding whether or not the partially torn ACL will need to be repaired, which would end Kelce’s season: [via Eagles 24/7]

“From there, we’ll determine our treatment plan, which could either be four-to-six week rehab and bracing and continue to play, or to do his ACL reconstruction four to six weeks from now,” Burkholder said.


ACL’s don’t usually just heal on their own. But, the MCL has to heal first, according to Burkholder, so there’s no harm in waiting.

As Marcus Hayes annoyingly wrote today, Kelce’s replacement, Dallas Reynolds, wasn’t half bad.


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  1. Jamaal Jackson to backup Dallas Reyndolds who honestly looked BETTER than Kelce in limited action Sunday.
    Karl Malone’s bastid son also shitted on King Dunlap yesterday.
    It sucks Kelce will likely miss the rest of the year, but as far as the team is concerned, I think they’ll be fine.

  2. partial tear in ACL is pretty much a lifetime injury because the ACL also gets stretched, unless it gets torn all the way. There is not a lot they can do to fix it, however you can workout, run, cut, etc. on a partial tear. It just take a few months for your body to adjust to it.

  3. While Reynolds did a good job on Sunday, the Birds will still need to bring in another body as a reserve. And Jamaal Jackson is as good a choice as anyone else out there.

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