Jeremy Maclin Out on Sunday

Bit of a surprise here– Jeremy Maclin will not play on Sunday due to his hip pointer, Andy Reid announced this morning.

King Dunlap and Riley Cooper are also out. Cooper’s hair will be missed, but Dunlap and his slow-ass legs won’t be.


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  1. King Dunlap needs to go on the IR, I don’t care if he’s out with a yeast infection or a stubbed toe or a torn ACL

  2. isnt this how it started against the cards last year? no desean? no maclin this year? its like Andy feels bad for kolb.

  3. godfather is a fraud.. he took the eagles last sunday and said was a push!! come on man! out and out lie brother. cooking his numbers

  4. I hope the godfather starts losing!! The greedy Jew is the most expensive handicapper I ever seen in all my years

  5. The godfather is a scumbag piece of shit greedy bastard! Dipping in his fellow Philadelphians pockets like he’s a real mob boss. Lolz

  6. Hey I’m selling a monthly subscription to Only $375/mo. My ass has a perfect 48-0 record so far this year! Pats-Cards?…Called it!!
    Jus remember the only way to sniff that sweet smell of money is thru the stanky smell of my ass!!

  7. More importantly, you hear another philadelphia blog is flying youtube sensation “Eat Dat Pussy” to Philadelphia next weekend to party at Xfinity live? How awesome is that.
    And no I do not work for that other blog. Just thought it was newsworthy.

  8. It ain’t about hatin’ it’s about loser gonna lose with you. The fact that this is how you market yourself proves the point perfectly.

  9. You got to spend $ to make that $$$
    @Godfatherlocks: 1000* lock of the night BYU +6.5 Win, now 7-0 in the last seven 1000* picks.. 500* MLB pick Angels Loss, 21-6 MLB run. 7-2-1 premium week.

  10. You’re just another jagoff con man. Dear loser, I knew friends working your schtick out of Huntington Valey in early 90s before the internet was born. They had to advertise in the Daily News, and every one of them was a con man too. We would joke about how many suckers there are out there, and they would duck out of the bar whenever their big bag-phone would ring, to con somebody new.
    If you’re so successful, why aren’t you advertising on this site instead of low-lifing on it? Yea didn’t think so. Get bent helmet.

  11. Why are you saying the eagles pushed godfather? Documented the spread was 2.5 , 3.. You are a liar .. Lost respect after that

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