Mike Trout is Still a Phillies Fan

Knew I liked this kid.

Mike Trout, who should be the AL MVP, grew up in Millville, New Jersey. This you know. But what may come as a bit of a surprise to you is that, even after being drafted by the Angels, Trout was (is?) still a Phillies fan.

Speaking to Lisa Hillary, Trout’s dad explains: [CSN Philly]

Trout's father recalled a story from a few years back when in the middle of the night, Jeff heard Mike scream from his room.

“Dad, we got Roy Halladay!” Mike yelled. To which his Dad responded: "the Angels got Halladay?”

“No, the Phillies did!” Mike replied. “Son, you’re a member of the Angels. What’s with this we?!”


Interesting, because the Angels – you know, Trout’s team – had been rumored to be in on Halladay, too.

But I have a slight problem with what Trout’s dad said: The Halladay trade news broke in the middle of the afternoon and was widely report by early evening. So, either the Trouts don’t have electricity… or Trout’s dad confused it with the Cliff Lee trade, which did, in fact, break in the middle of the night. Either way, you can’t dislike Mike Trout.


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  1. Great kid. Should be the first player since Fred Lynn to win the AL ROY & MVP in the same season.
    If the Angels had started the season with him in the lineup (instead of Abreu), they’d be winning the AL West right now.
    Trout is what the Phillies FO hoped that Dom Brown might be (but isn’t). Funny, I’m not hearing Dom being compared to Daryl Strawberry anymore.

  2. ‘Should be’ but if Caberera locks up the triple crown, then you’d almost HAVE to give it to him.
    Trout is a beast. I hope he stays healthy and becomes one of the best to have ever played the game (very premature, I know..) It’d be good for baseball.

  3. Thanks for constantly reminding us you’re in San Diego Andy. We were all wondering where you were.

  4. Yeah, I wouldn’t exactly consider a guy who played professionally in Japan to be a “rookie” just because it’s his first season playing ball in the States.

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