Morning Wood: Blacked Out

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Piece, inserted.

The Phillies didn’t gain any ground with their 3-2 win over the Metropolitans last night, but thanks to Ryan Howard’s two-run, two-out ninth inning blast, they kept pace with the Cardinals and everybody else, and will remain four games back of the #FifthandFinal playoff spot.

Here are the current Wild Card standings:

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Howard talked about the home run after the game: [CSN Philly]

“I was struggling, period. There's no secret about it,” Howard said. “Even throughout the entire game today, I struggled trying to catch up to the fastball. My swing was a little long. I just caught up to a fastball and was able to get a big hit.

“Maybe I blacked out. Maybe I ought to black out more often.”


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We can’t embed the video of the home run because MLB doesn’t understand social media and 2012. So here’s a link to watch it. Check out pussy magnet Kevin Frandsen at the 1:15 mark showing us his O-face:

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Don’t worry, female readers, that sensation you just experienced is normal. In fact, it’s beautiful. All done? OK, good. Let’s continue.

Tom McCarthy positively butchered the call on the play. The ball was – long – gone when it left Howard's bat, but you would never know that by listening to T-Mac’s warning track, wall routine. The ball landed in the second deck in what is already a massive Citi Field. And – transition! – it’s perfect timing for Lindsey Butler’s video, a Jurassic Park-Tom McCarthy mashup:

Well done.

Finally, the Washington Nationals are running a BOGO on tickets for the stretch run. Feel that Natitude. Feel it.

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  1. tmac is awful that whole 2 innining blow bang with sarge and phil nickero about the knuckleball was the worst im at home pulling my hair out as the phils very slim playoff chances were slipping away and tmac has a hard on talking to phil nickero and braves hat


  3. The big pieces’ new nickname is now, wait for it.. ‘blackout’…get it?!? black…out… good ole double entendre eh? :crickets:
    They’re still done. And T-mac still blows.

  4. I switched to the radio feed thirty seconds after T-Mac started slurping Niekro as what little I heard was godawful. Meanwhile, it certainly was good to see Ryan earn his paycheck with that clutch homer last night.
    Lastly, what team winning their division by light years would run a BOGO promotion to sell tickets? Yeah, the gNats. Great fans they have down there.

  5. Seriously, how do the Phillies NOT know that Tom McCarthy is awful? He is the absolute worst. Aumont struck out a guy last night with a 1-2 curveball and he called it a “gutsy” pitch. Get a clue, Tommy.
    Get someone else in here. Hell, bring back Scott Graham. I’d rather deal with “put this one in the win column for the fightin’ phils” then deal with another minute of T-Mac.

  6. The expos should head back to Montreal, much better fanbase. DC is O’s country, always has been, always will be.

  7. Scott Franzke & Larry Anderson are funny, personable, knowledgeable & have great rapport with each other. Scott’s call on the homerun pulled my brain out of my half-sleep! I love them! T-Mac & Wheels can go take a long walk…

  8. I was fortunate enough to be listening to the 9th inning in the car, although Franzke drug it out, too. (That ball’s hit deep. Hairston’s back, at the warning track, at the wall, looks up, yadda, yadda.) I got home and watched the highlights and wondered why it took so long to state the obvious.

  9. I fault the Mets more than give Howard the props. Why would ANYONE throw him a fastball?
    Chase Utley is the man.

  10. Dear Comcast,
    Please, Please, Please, sync the HD broadcast of the Phillies with the radio like the Eagles. The windbags in the TV booth must have pictures of somebody in the front office!

  11. fuck tmac. Everybody knows he sucks. Thats OLD fn news dude. Come on. The call did suck, no doubt. How bout posting a link for franskes call on the radio. Now that would be cool. Lets go crossingbroad!!!!!

  12. Who cares,your Phillies will be home watching the playoffs,their run is over.
    Lastly GOD bless the Yankees and GOD bless the New York Giants.

  13. I hate T-Mac, but honestly I can’t blame him for this one. Howard’s reaction was a little strange – it was a little off from his usual home run walk. He almost looked like he was pissed off and had flied out. Just my two cents, though the people I was watching with thought the same thing.

  14. t-mac, wheels, sarge…they are all terrible. somebody in the organization has to realize how awful they really are. BOGO tickets for a 1st place team? pathetic. truly pathetic. got to be some of the worst fans in baseball. send them back to montreal. nobody watches them in dc. whats the difference?

  15. The gNats should enter into a partnership with Payless Shoe Source, the only other company I know that does more BOGO promotions. Just imagine it: go into a DC/Maryland area Payless, buy one pair of cheap plastic shoes that’ll fall apart a week later and get another cheap pair AND two gNats tickets free! They’ll do boffo business!

  16. Well Son. Howard got lucky. And you will too if you get upstairs with my drink quick enough. I love the Phillies as much as any other nasty Philly Bitch does but it’s clearly over son. Now come let Mommy coddle you as you weep after our sexual.

  17. Man, what a twisted head “Your Mother” has. Shits not even funny. Probably didn’t make it through grade school.

  18. Howards reaction Strange? Dude he put so much Swag into that Strut, Anyone who doesnt know the signature Howard Swag Walk when he cracks one out of the park isn’t a true fan…And He put Extra Swag into that shot last night…he knew what that homerun meant for the game he just said fuck you to the mets without really saying fuck you.
    Oh and Fuck new york.

  19. Well said, Scott. Howard always does that when he hits a no doubt bomb.
    RangersYankeesNYGiantsFan, GFYS.
    I don’t know what it is with fans of other teams chiming in on a Philly sports blog. Not enough attention? OMG look at me I love NY. Get the fuck out of here.

  20. It’s one thing to bitch about tmac-wheels-sarge, it’s another to simply stop watching because they are unbearable. That’s where I’ve been since about June, there’s only so often one can mute a game because then you look up and missed a play. Yet it’s impossible to listen to banal repetitive arrogant word vomits all night, either. So I just surf by and check the score.
    Ever notice that Franske & LA are not only outstanding announcers, but they use a third of the words as those assclowns? Like Harry & Whitey, they get that less is often more. Fans like a bit of silence instead of always babbling right up to the next pitch as though we’re all 5 yrs old watching our first game. Guess what you morons…95% of the time you’re not telling us anything we don’t know, and that’s if you’re even correct, which way too often you are not.

  21. If Wheels hasn’t mentioned the no doubles defense in EVERY game this year, I’d be surprised.
    Tom can’t go to any other adjective aside from “Heckuva”.
    Truly pathetic.

  22. “Warning track… wall… and it’s off the second deck.”
    That alone should get him fired. What a joke.

  23. Who watches TV at an extreme angle like that? I mean I never questioned it during the movie, when I was much younger, but seeing it now… it’s incredibly perplexing.

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