No, Chad Johnson isn’t in Philadelphia to Play for the Eagles

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That Chad Johnson Tweet from early this morning about coming to Philadelphia had nothing to do with him visiting the Eagles, according to Pro Football Talk, who didn’t provide any further details.

So, we can stop talking about that now.


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  1. Wouldn’t mind seeing him come to teach the eagles WR’s how to run routes. They’re talented but very sloppy in that area. Maybe if they watched the effort a fellow player puts into this aspect of his game they’d do the same? Never know. Prolly not worth the risk though.

  2. There is already a Johnson as a WR, and at this point, he’s better than the one that’s flying in. Why would anyone want to see them add this cancer? I’d rather see them invest every red cent into an OL to protect Vick and open holes for Shady. Jackson, Maclin, Avant, Johnson already here. Don’t need another, even if Maclin goes down for a week or two. Not worth it.

  3. Eagles blow. Who cares? They are the most unlikeable team in Philly.Kelce deserved his knee blown. What a douche. Vicks knee is next ha ha

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