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Peter Laviolette can’t be taking this lockout well. I imagine that he chews on glass to keep busy. Perhaps screams obscenities at neighborhood children who take their sweet ass time walking to the bus stop. What, the fuck, is the matter with you? Yesterday? Fine, you were tired. Not today. Unacceptable. I don’t give A FUCK that daddy hit mommy. Not gonna have it! Not here, not now. This is too important. Now let’s go– get on that bus with some fucking jam!

I’m just guessing.

Anyway, I’m assuming the Flyers are still paying him, and, well, it’s not to coach. So just what is Lavs doing to keep busy? Well, this:

Screen Shot 2012-09-27 at 3.21.23 PMPhoto: Flyers 

Kind of literally.

That’s Lavs' wife, Kristen, who was honored along with 18 other women for her “talent, style and contribution to the city of Philadelphia” at the XIX Most Fashionable Women in Philadelphia Awards on September 18.

Lavs wrote about it for the Flyers’ website. Let’s do that again: Peter Laviolette wrote an article about a ceremony honoring, ostensibly, hot women. His wife included.

What a fucking boss.

To the grammaticals, which are hilarious: [I included the entire article, because it’s awesome]

Women, Women, Women!!! WOW!!!

Nineteen of the most beautiful and fashionable women all dressed up looking GORGEOUS and being honored for their talent, style and contribution to great city of Philadelphia.

If you were one of the four lucky men in attendance, like I was, then that is what you got treated to at the fashion event that took place at the XIX restaurant in the Hyatt at the Bellevue.

Now as a happily married man most would wonder how can I get away with such a loaded statement. My description of the evening, and the distinguished honorees, appears to be a bazooka gun aimed at dismantling a perfectly good marriage. Fear not Philly, I’m safe. My bases are covered as my wife Kristen was one of those beautiful and fashionable women and I must say, not trying to be biased, deservedly so!

The evening was a special event to take a moment to honor 19 of Philly’s finest for their contributions to fashion, style and entrepreneurial leadership.

As the ladies were introduced one by one to a crowd of over 300 (only four lucky men), they were recognized for their involvement in our city and the style and class in which they do it.

While they all looked so amazing dressed in a Nicole Miller line of clothing, I found myself focused intently on every detail that Mary Dougherty used to describe their being on that stage.

An entrepreneur, an Olympian, a founder and contributor of a charity, etc. The remarks made about these women may not be sharing a page with a political race or next to a Phillies run to the pennant – probably much of what they do goes unnoticed.

These 19 go about their business not for the spotlight, the accolades or the fame. They do it to create good in the world. That’s when people should really be honored and recognized, when they give selflessly of themselves for the good of others.

They say that beauty is only skin deep and what really matters is what you have on the inside. That is what made this event so very special. These 19 were being honored for both. A special feat!

296 beautiful women – 4 lucky men – 19 deserving ladies – 1 incredible night.

Life is good, especially if you got to leave with one of the 19! 



In other words: My wife is hot. We may not be playing hockey, but I’m going to events with hot women and one of them is my wife, who is hot. Suck it, Bettman.