Phillies Send Postseason Ticket Invoices

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Back to three games, and you know what that means: time for the Phillies to take your money (!!!).

The Phillies sent these out early this morning. Here's the one I got:

Thank you for your continued support of the Phillies as a season ticket holder. As you may be aware, there is a new postseason format this season that includes the addition of a 2nd Wild Card team in each league qualifying for postseason play. As we embark on the final few weeks of the regular season, the Phillies have battled back into contention for a potential return trip to the postseason (based on the current standings, a Wild Card game would be played on the road). 

As a partial season ticket holder, we are pleased to offer you three  potential Phillies postseason games (all games and seat locations are determined by the Phillies). Please refer to the attached invoice to see the specific games assigned for the postseason. All seat locations will be determined by the Phillies and will differ from your regular season location. The Phillies reserve the right to fulfill your postseason tickets in a price category that may differ from your invoiced amount and may include standing room or foul pole tickets (at our sole discretion). Reimbursement for the difference would be made to the account holder of record. If the Phillies do not qualify for the postseason, your payment would serve as a deposit towards renewing your 2013 season tickets with your final payment due in late January. Also note that your invoice amount includes all applicable fees for postseason play. 

Due to this tight timeframe, the deadline for postseason ticket payment is Friday, September 21 We are only able to guarantee your ticket offer through this date. Postseason tickets will be mailed 3-5 days after full payment is received.There are three convenient options for making payment:

  • Option #1- ONLINE by clicking Pay Now.
  • Option #2- BY PHONE with a credit card (The Phillies accept Mastercard, Visa & American Express) to the Phillies Sales Office at (215) 463-5000. Sales Office Hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We will also be open on Saturday, September 15 and 22 from 10 AM – 2 PM.
  • Option #3- BY MAIL with check made payable to the Philadelphia Phillies and mailed to Citizens Bank Park, One Citizens Bank Way, Philadelphia, PA 19148 (please include the bottom portion of the invoice and include your Phillies account number on the check).

Please click here for additional postseason information.

Your 2013 season ticket renewal invoice will be sent via e-mail shortly after the conclusion of the Phillies season. Any unused postseason money will serve as a deposit towards the renewal of your 2013 season tickets. Please note that tickets related to postseason games not played have no cash value and credit for their cost (net of the non-refundable $25 processing charge) will be applied to your 2013 season ticket statement. If you would like a refund instead of a credit, please visit within 3 business days after the Phillies are eliminated from postseason play or the potential of postseason play. 

If you have any questions regarding 2012 postseason play, please click here, call our Sales Office at (215) 463-5000, or email

Thank you for your ongoing support as a Phillies season ticket holder. 


NLDS home game 1, NLCS home game 3, and World Series Game 1. Sold. Though I have the ominous feeling that this is going to turn into a deposit for 2013.  

Get yours? What games? Are you buying? In the comments, please.

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16 Responses

  1. Don’t care if it’s a deposit for next year. It’ll help me pay for the tickets next year if I can pay for about 40% of it now.

  2. I’m pretty much viewing it as an early deposit on next years tickets. Last years “deposit” made paying off that gigantic bill that much easier.

  3. Do you really think you should be spending your money so irresponsibly? Material things such as postseason tickets, regular season ticket packages, whatever the fuck season tickets – completely irresponsible!
    There are starving kids in Africa who won’t even see a baseball game in their life before the HIV gets them!

  4. If you haven’t gotten your invoice yet, simply log into your Ticket Account, Click on Postseason Invoice and it emails it to you immediately

  5. Just got tix for next sat afternoon game against the bravos. I just hope that game still means something.

  6. First of all, what else are the Phillies supposed to do? They have to do something just in case they do reach the Post-Season. So fuck that jinx shit. I have the full season plan, I just paid about $1500 this morning for a possible 9 Post-Season home games. If the Phillies and Cardinals tie for the 2nd Wild Card it would be played here because the Phillies beat the Cardinals in the season series 5-2. If the Phillies and Dodgers tie for the 2nd Wild Card it would be played in L.A. because the Dodgers won the season series 5-2. If it is a 3 way tie it really gets fucking complicated.

  7. You have a week to get your money back if they don’t make it, just hurry up and get yer refund if they leave us soft in a few weeks!

  8. The jinx was that this guy Kyle who runs this site for putting it the fuck on here. Don’t blame the Phillies sales office, they did what they had to do. Thank you Kyle, for fucking up the season by putting that invoice on your Goddamn site. YOU are the fucking jinx.

  9. Never gonna give you up.
    Never gonna let you down.
    Never gonna turn around and desert you.
    Never gonna make you cry.
    Never gonna say goodbye.
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.
    Yeah – That just happened.

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