Programming Alert

I’m returning from London today. I assume Ryan has treated you well in my absence? Didn’t offend anyone? Didn’t call Vance Worley an asshole or anything? OK, good. Flying all day today, so it might be a little slow around here. But we’re back in full tomorrow, with nonstop blogging until when I decide to start getting drunk around Christmas. I’m energized and come back with new jokes, mostly about foreigners. And Chase Utley being our future third baseman. Enjoy the first day of (unofficial) non-summer.


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  1. I wondering where the f*ck you been! Been a terrible weel in your absence. Did you cheat on Ms. CB while out there??????

  2. Ryan was ok once I smacked him in his head and threatened to move him out of my basement. GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM YOU LAZY &^%%^!!!! Kyle, he’s my son, so I have to love him. But why did you pick HIM to keep the blog going? WHYYYY?? He was too busy to file Mommies plantars warts down for a week and I’d appreciate it if you’d warn us all next time.

  3. Yea –
    Jenny please leave the sports talk to men. Stay in the kitchen and work on perfecting lasagna you dumb broad.

  4. Massively, Brilliant…but if you’ve been in London for a week you’ve heard that too many times already.

  5. Ryans biggest mistake was appologizing for calling Worley an asshole. After that, it was all downhill. Stick by your words. You showed weakness and got destroyed. Welcome back Kyle. Ryan should go write for a blog in Kansas City or St. Louis with his thin skin.

  6. Ryan sucks. He tried to do your “snarky gay guy vibe” and it came out like “angry in the closet college frat guy”. Your thing is much more genuine.

  7. Jenny, Don’t allow these men with the micro penis syndrome that feel outdone by your love of sports to get you down. They have been laughed at and belittled by women their whole life, which isn’t your fault. It’s that little mushroom cap down their pants that have caused their problems with women.

  8. I didn’t think anyone could pull off the “stuck up main line bitch” routine more then Kyle, but once I saw Ryan’s picture, I knew I was wrong.

  9. Yo, Kyle! London, eh? Did you cross Abbey Road, watch the changing of the Guard or play beer pong with Prince Harry? Inquiring minds wanna know!
    By the by, Ryan did just fine, no matter what these retards say.

  10. Your Mother: The nonsense that you’ve been posting is quite possibly the weakest material ever brought to the comments section of CB.

  11. “Ryan sucks. He tried to do your ‘snarky gay guy vibe’ and it came out like ‘angry in the closet college frat guy’. Your thing is much more genuine.”
    Haha, awesome… and true.

  12. Charlie Brown: This comments section is the sewage of all Philly blogs. If you’re judging comments here than you’re a bigger loser than I could even imagine.

  13. Some of the comments on here are legendary. You, however, bring nothing to the table. Take the day off tomorrow and come up with some new material on Thursday. Thanks, pal.

  14. Hello,
    please inform Mr. Scott I am looking for him. He ran up a $40,000 US dollar tab at my place of business, if you know what i mean.

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