Reminder: Play Our FREE Week 1 Fantasy Football Free Roll, Win From $300 in Cash Prizes

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A friendly reminder to choose your team for our Week 1 fantasy football free roll, courtesy of our friends at Draft Street. We’re giving away $300 in cash prizes, with the top 15 finishers winning money. As always, it’s totally FREE to play.

You will be given $100k to draft a team consisting of 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 flex positions, and 1 defense and specials teams team. You’ll be competing against me and other CB readers only. My squad? Sex: Tom Brady, Joe Flacco, Frank Gore, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Deion Branch, Coby Fleener, LeGarrette Blount, Jacquizz Rodgers, and da Bears.

Think you can do better? Here’s all you need to do:

1) Click this link.

2) Choose your team.

3) Follow along during Week 1 (last night’s game won’t count toward scoring).

4) Win money.

The payouts are as follows:

1st: $100

2nd: $60

3rd: $30

4th: $20

5th-6th: $15

7th-9th: $10

10th-15th: $5

That’s it. Get in early before spaces fill up.


15 Responses

  1. man god wtf, this site is dangerously close to getting dropped out of my work internets browsing rotation

  2. Seriously every post is a plug or a copy paste job from another site. 0 originality or insight. Be sure to address this by bragging how you created your own medium and how you represent the fans of Philly.

  3. What’s easier, creating and maintaining a sports website or lurking, creeping onto said site under total anonymity and bashing said side from the comfort of your sad, pathetic life. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  4. Stay the course Kyle, with any luck the whiny bitches will find their spot in the kitchen this football season. If you don’t enjoy the site, beat it. I’ve turned enough people onto myself to replace you hosers anyway. Now sit down, and shut up.

  5. dont stop copying and pasting stuff from other sites Kyle. I love it, as it allows me to just come here rather than have to spend hours searching as I am sure you do. Original posts are also great, but you can only work with what the sports world gives you.

  6. Thanks guys. Let me educate you whiners above:
    yes, i did create facebook fan pages for a few athletes to start, helped me get some exposure for the blog initially. let’s face it, it takes a while to gain any traction in a crowded market, i figured it would be a good way to get my stuff in front of people. most people liked it and came back.
    i still use the pages because it does help with visits, but at this point, it’s only a small percentage of them. slightly annoying? maybe- but it’s easy enough to unlike or block. i never spammed other blogs – sometimes linked in forums, never blogs.
    i started the site a year ago in december, grown it to a point where i quit my job last month. the t-shirts and tickets are a big part of that, but i don’t make the t-shirts, nor do i own the tickets. i am partnered with philly phaithful and we have an agreement on sales i generated. similar deal with tickets- affiliate commission.
    the fightins took issue with me when i started using the same ticket service they did, not selling phillies tickets at that point, mind you. meech pitched a fit saying i should have “asked him” to use that service (which about 10 other blogs all use now) and that was the start of the issue. they went out of business because meech is too busy to keep the site running and, im guessing, couldn’t figure out a way to make enough money from it.
    last month, i wrote something criticizing one of their guys, ryan, who faked a jon heyman account on twitter then made fun of all the media folks who picked up on it. that basically sent all the fightins guys over the edge and they troll on me on twitter every chance they get. often will say i make **** up, steal stuff from the 700 level, generally call me out on everything i do.
    nothing to defend, that’s the deal with the site and the fightins. i work my ass off with the site and turned it into a full-time gig and opened a bunch of doors for myself in the process. got a lot of help along the way from 97.5, 610, nbc, fox etc who have all mentioned us.
    i try to keep the ticket and t-shirt posts to a minimum, but most people find the ticket service useful and buy the t-shirts, and it helps pay the bills, so i try to limit it as best i can.

  7. Guy who reads the site posted a link on his Facebook wall, and made the comment “brilliant piece” (it wasn’t, but I thought it was a funny phils recap). He is friends with Reuban and Reuban commented “no offense to whoever wrote it, but that’s hardly brilliant.” just thought it was a little uncalled for from a guy who has been toiling around as a b-list writer for years and can’t seem to write anything other than regurgitated press releases with no real insight or opinion and only now got a position serving as r diddy’s skid mark at csn.
    That’s it

  8. Wow. You are one insecure man. Can you ever let anything be or do you have to defend every little thing said about you.

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