Signs of a Lockout: Flyers Offer Interest on Season Ticket Payments, Players Rent Out Ice at Skate Zone

Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 4.22.41 PMDanny Briere readies himself for the 2012-2013 NHL season, pic via (@BroadStBull)

If you have Flyers season tickets, you’ve probably been wondering what your options will be, since, you know, they may never play hockey again.

If you don’t (have tickets), you probably don’t give two shits. But we’re going to tell you anyway.

The Flyers have two offers for season ticket holders. From their website:


  • All previous payments on your Flyers account to date shall remain on account through
    the duration of the work stoppage and shall earn 2% simple interest, a significant increase over current bank rates.
  • Interest shall accrue beginning September 16th and shall end on the date an announcement is made finalizing the start of the 2012-13 NHL season. Interest will be calculated based on your total paid value as of September 16th.


  • Receive month by month, partial refunds of the amount paid to date on your Flyers account through the duration of the work stoppage.
  • Refunds will be issued for the total paid value for games canceled each month (calculated assuming 44 games scheduled for the Wells Fargo Center) and will be issued in a lump sum by the 15th of the subsequent month. Refunds will be processed in the same manner (i.e., refunded to credit card or by check) payment was received. Interest does not apply.


I would say those are fairly generous, especially when you consider that we’re still a month out from when the regular season was scheduled to begin. But, other teams are doing better. According to Chicago Tribune writer Chris Kuc, teams such as Montreal and Calgary are giving 3%, Columbus 4%, and the Wild 10% interest.

A more disheartening sign of the lockout, perhaps, is this: the Flyers rented the Skate Zone ice today to hold a practice on their own, according to reports. They will do so tomorrow, too. They won’t be given access to any other areas of the team-owned complex, including the locker room. And, even worse, the NHL ordered Flyers management to not show up at Scott Hartnell’s charity golf tournament today. MONEY!


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  1. What pisses me off the most about this is they didn’t start talking until 3 months ago. Only then did either side realize how far apart they were.
    You had 7 fucking years since the last CBA was signed. Get your shit together and get back on the ice.

  2. Sadly, 2 percent it’s nothing to sneeze at, but I think I’d prefer a refund out of spite.

  3. This is such a joke that the nhl is goin through this AGAIN! Get your shit together and stop being the laughing stock of the major sports. Players and owners both dont really give a shit about fans or this would have been resolved. They dont care though cause whenever the fuck they come back so will the diehards. Fuckem both.

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