Signs of a QB Controversy

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Yep. It's starting.

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Delco Times

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CBS Philly

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16 Responses

  1. Of course, by this time tomorrow, Reid and the Eagles will have circled the wagons and accused the media of blowing things WAY out of proportion and that there’s NO quarterback controversy.

  2. Lazy journalism at its best, 3 games into the season and we’re freaking out already, love the eagles but can’t stand most of the fans and media, really? Let’s go throw a rookie qb who did well in a few games let alone preseason games, maybe if vick had an o-line the could protect him and a coach that would let him run, id rather vick run the ball get hurt, then see what files has against 1st team defenses, vicks to athletic to give up on….3 games into the season….relax!

  3. Reid is talking about whether or not he will stick with Vick.
    The real story ought to be how long will the Eagles stick with Reid.
    If given the choice, I’d get rid of both, but if I could only get rid of one, I’d keep Vick & dump Reid.

  4. @ John: But if Reid were starting Foles, our offense would go into “Jeff Garcia” mode (i.e. we’d run the ball more).
    Foles is Garcia with a cannon for an arm.
    And he gets rid of the ball instead of holding onto it for 7 seconds & then fumbling.

  5. This is just retarded. Vick played his best game of the season as far as protecting the ball goes. Where is all the talk about the Cards making our Offensive front look like a high school team??

  6. This is a little over-reactive…I’m not minimizing Vicks mistakes; hes been terrible and lucky these first couple weeks. The guy has flat out looked awful for the most part…But we’re three games in, sitting at 2-1, during two of which games (despite his poor play) our QB lead comeback 4th quarter drives late. Our offensive line is barely a JV squad and Vick is battered, jittery, indecisive, and error-prone. So what is big red’s solution? Let our all-pro RB twiddle his thumbs while they employ a 99.999999/.00001 pass/run ratio and let Vick take even more of a beating and maximize his flawed decision making.
    That terrible series at the end of the 1st half that culminated in the turnover was entirely on Reid. I don’t get why people blamed Vick for the fumble, cause the guy barely had the ball in his hands before he even had a chance to check his blindside to see the freight train that was allowed to barrel right in at him. Plus, Reid’s wasted timeout made it almost impossible to run with less than 20 seconds (and I’m pretty sure the entire city wanted him to run it at least once anyway), and his play calls at the goaline were, as usual, shitty. This season is Reid’s ultimatum, I thought…
    I’m not even averse to pulling him at some point this season if he keeps playing like dog shit. But not after 3 games, for a rookie QB that hasn’t even taken one regular season snap. I’d rather take my chances with Vick for the next few games…Christ, the guys probably gonna get broken in half soon anyway, so in all likelihood we’ll see Foles out of necessity.

  7. Vick isn’t the problem. Its the inexperienced offensive line. Plus Arizonas defense played a hell of a game. You can’t win them all.

  8. Any Quaterback that is turning the ball over more then most entire teams is going to be becnhed at some point.

  9. Imagine all the n bombs thrown around when Vick fumbled the ball at the end of the 1st half

  10. By what rationale is it fair to call Foles Bobby Hoying?
    Right once upon a time the Eagles had a young quarterback named Bobby Hoying who had three stellar games at the end of the season, thereby giving the Eagles faithful renewed optimism. When anointed the starting Quarterback by Ray Rhodes, the fans and the media the next season he crumbled spectacularly and looked ridiculous running around the field in terror. Now what the PHUCK does that have to do with Nick Foles??? Because one young quarterback failed, they will all fail? Please shut the hell up about Bobby Hoying FFS!

  11. If any of you have any hope of Foles someday becoming a quality Eagles starting quarterback, you’ll wish that Vick remains healthy the rest of this year. I don’t believe either quarterback can flourish with such a poor O-line.

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