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Some choad stain who calls himself “Anonymous” (@AnonymousOwn3r) is taking credit for hacking GoDaddy (look who's quoted!) and its servers today. As such, this site and many others around the intertubes that use GoDaddy for domain registration and hosting were down (or are still down) today. Not much we can about it. Sorry if this made you more productive at work.


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  1. If anything, this outage has given you a little more free PR. Untwist your panties bro.
    Now get back to being Philly TMZ.
    Love ya, mean it. TR

  2. I thought my work took away cb & profootballtalk. I got the IT guy on the horn & was giving him the business for nothing. Wtf

  3. Obama has the power to shut the internet down.
    China does it regularly.
    it’s called a “kill switch”

  4. Serves you right for sticking with GoDaddy after they openly supported SOPA, which could have easily shut this site down as we know it.

  5. Anonymous is not one man. Seriously you don’t know who they are and you have a blog on the internet? Anyone who goes on the Internet should know who anonymous is jeez

  6. fail for not knowing who Anonymous is..
    SUPER FAIL FOR USING GODADDY (google godaddy and its owner…)

  7. Anonymous is not one man. This was, however, apparently done by one man, one member of Anonymous. Funny someone yells at someone for not knowing the internet when they, in fact, don’t know what happened on the internet yesterday.
    But yes, Kyle, stop using godaddy. For anything. They are terrible. I suggest Weebly for your hosting needs.

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