Sixers Co-Owner Will Smith Wears Pirates Hat to Philly Club

via Dan Gross


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That’s it, Will, you’re going back to live with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. Weak.


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  1. If he was just part owner of the Sixers I might let this slide. But the fact that he’s FROM Philly too, inexcusable. C’mon Will!

  2. Is this really news? Jesus Christ, It’s always been said that Philly has the toughest fans and being from here and living here, it seems like Philly fans are a bunch of pussies and bitches. Wow dude you know how many black artists wear a different ball cap every day? Get over it cock suckers.

  3. Yeah for fucks sake, stop with the fucking hat non sense every time someone tied to Pholly dosent wear a Phillies hat. Who the fuck cares.

  4. Doesn’t bother me. The Pirates haven’t been relevant since 1992, the last time they finished a season above .500. If Will wore a Penguins hat, perhaps then I’d be a little bit irritated. But this? Forget it. Move on to something else, Kyle.

  5. At least he is hanging out with black women.. Keeping it real , not like other athletes who just date white women

  6. At least Will Smith can show his face in public unlike most of you fat funky and out of shape warthogs.

  7. I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that this shit is actually considered sports news to this site, or that people in the comments seem to care about it. Yikes.

  8. Who cares the pirates are a joke. Hey d- bag above. You should change your name to ALL 94 WIP DOES IS PLAY COMMERCIALS AND STEAL OTHER RADIO STATIONS CONTESTS.

  9. I’m in all that he’s hanging with color girls. Never see that with the black entertainer/athlete

  10. Will Smith: ” Mom, look we won a Grammy !!!”
    Mrs. Smith ” Go down to the corner and get me a can of beans for dinner”

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