The Phillies Home Opener Next Season Will be Against the Royals

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The Phillies announced their 2013 schedule earlier today (assuming that playoff tickets email will be coming any day now?), and it’s certainly different.

Thanks to the Astros moving over to the American League to balance things out, there will now be rolling Interleague Play (MLB capitalizes this), meaning the Phillies will play their home opener against raise their World Championship flag in front of… the Kansas City Royals.

[Is it just me or are the Astros kind of like that annoying kid in high school who would do anything you asked just to fit in and not to be too much of a drag? Move to AL– sure. Roger Clemens needs to use someone to get a momentary thrill— sure.]

Other highlights from the Phils schedule: Home-and-home two game sets with the Red Sox in late May, a trip to Detroit in late July, and six games on the road to end the season against the Marlins and Braves.

Full schedule here.

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21 Responses

  1. Well, that’s certainly odd. Still, it’ll be nice to open the new season with a bottom feeder. Thank you, schedule makers.

  2. I’m fairly certain I saw a Rob Kardashian parody on this site as well. Seriously, a Rob Kardashian parody…on a Philly sports blog. It also had absolutely no context related to Philadelphia sports. He was all like, “Dude I have a whole sock collection”… etc. While I’m sure that these are legit Rob Kardahsian jokes/parodies( because who would do a Rob Kardashian parody who didn’t know things like this about him), how the hell does this end up on Crossing Broad. What if I told you… It’s not funny without context and, in this case, not funny at all.

  3. hey kyle, how about not sleeping in until 10 AM, there are those of us at work that are trying to avoid doing just that. break out the wood.

  4. Kyle, Wake the Fuck up! You have some readers commenting they want your morning wood. Right after I’m done with it of course….

  5. April 26th to July 4th: 21 home games, 40 road games. Ouch.
    July 30 to September 22: 34 home games, 16 road games. Better.
    The problem with spreading out interleague is that the teams now have to manage rosters even more short term to accomodate the DH (or lack of one).
    Opening AND closing the season in Atlanta? Really?

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