This .GIF of Andrej Meszaros and Andreas Lilja is a Metaphor for Something

Mezzy_legsvia video sent by reader Dave

Here’s Andrej Meszaros and Andreas Lilja ambling up the steps at CBP as they left one of the Bruce Springsteen concerts this weekend. That's Erik Gufftassonsadfhflsjhfasjon trailing the action, which sounds just about right.

Dave also mentioned that Jakub Voracek was there too, "dancing all night."

The .GIF is an analogy for something– whether that’s the crippled state of NHL CBA negotiations, the Flyers' depleted defensive corps, or the age of the Boss’ core demo. Something. Anyway, this made me sad. But at least it’s not a loop of Chris Pronger struggling to eat solid foods, because that would be hard to swallow.


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  1. wowwwww kyle really really? maybe you should go back to london/paris and be a MANU fan with your soccer bros and drink pints and eat crappy food

  2. This is the best blog in Philly and Kyle is really good at what he does.
    All above are unemployed losers.

  3. Springsteen is a complete and total tool bag Douchenozzle. A sure fire way to piss off the baseball gods is by allowing the likes of that man to defile baseball stadiums with his horrendous music. These are the things causing the downward spiral of the Phillies. Keep pissing off the baseball gods and they will show they are a merciless group of gods. Now as Phillies fans we must repent.

  4. Mr.Scott,
    I echo the sentiments of the comments above. As the administrator of this site, you should not be making tasteless, classless comments. No wonder the youth on this site continues to make disrespectful comments. They are just following your lead. A Brain injury that destroys a life is not a joke.
    If this continues, you will lose the vast majority of your followers.

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