Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler are the Seventh Most Biased Broadcast Team in Baseball, According to Delightfully Ridiculous Study

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Talk about the most anticlimactic result a study could have produced.

The Wall Street Journal, spurred on by Chicago White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson’s over-the-top homerism, decided to rank all 30 Major League Baseball TV broadcast teams to see which were the most biased. Harrelson finished first (by a significant margin), while announcers from the Blue Jays, Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers and Mets all were found to play it straight.

Where did Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler (and, I’m assuming, Sarge) finish? Tied for seventh, with nine biased comments throughout the course of one game:

Screen Shot 2012-09-25 at 11.36.50 AM

The study is quite subjective. The WSJ defines “homerism” thusly: 

By the rules of our study, anyone with a microphone who used a pronoun like "we," "us" or "our" to describe the home team was given a citation. Obscure pet names for players were also flagged: The Detroit Tigers announcers, for instance, referred to backup catcher Gerald Laird as "G-Money." Additional penalties were given for things like excessive moping after miscues or unrestrained glee after big moments. (A Miami Marlins broadcaster marked the end of a lengthy scoreless drought by screaming "Hallelujah!")


McCarthy was quoted in the article, too:

Philadelphia Phillies announcer Tom McCarthy added, "We're all homers whether we want to be or not," in part because they spend so much time around the team.

Still, both Allen and McCarthy said that there is a line broadcasters shouldn't cross, where their homerism begins to undermine their credibility. Or as Mets color commentator Ron Darling put it, "There are going to be people watching who demand that you get it right, and they'll let you know when you don't get it right."



You can see the full list here.

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21 Responses

  1. T-Mac an Wheels wear those Phillies polo shirts for a reason…they’re apart of the Phillies Broadcast Team… Come on now

  2. Is it me or is the comment for TMac and Wheels a perfect example of how little they bring to the table? By far the worst quote up there.

  3. how those ass wipe Braves announcers don’t make the list is unconscionable – is the WSJ using replacement writers?

  4. Agree with John above…. they are the PHILLIES broadcast team. or braves, tigers, cubs etc… except them Nationals douches! they are terrible! they make wheels look like freaking Vin Scully

  5. Biased? So what? When I’m watching a game I don’t want to hear the announcers praising the other team in any way. Drunk-ass LA is a homer and nobody gives him shit. Do you want Buck and McCarver calling every game?
    Yeah I didn’t think so…

  6. Phillies/Comcast should offer a second audio channel with just crowd mics, like you’re at the game. I’d use that channel every night. Then they’d see how many people despise the TV clown-trifecta.

  7. When Sarge or Wheels do the radio broadcast it makes it clear how good LA is. They never shut up. Just STFU.

  8. Too bad this list wasn’t, “Men Who Look 9 Months Pregnant”, otherwise T-Mac would’ve dominated.

  9. The Yankees announcers are now some of the best in the league these days. Everyone hates Michael Kay, but the guy is a good announcer, regardless if he is a blowhard. He is very will to criticize the Yankees and the players when necessary.
    To go along with that, Ken Singleton is great. David Cone, I think, is the best color guy in the game. Paul O’Neill isn’t great but it’s a lot of fun to have him in the booth a few times a year. These rest are all fine.
    Announcers should NEVER say the word “we” or “us”. You are not part of the fucking team nor are you there as a cheerleader. You are there to tell us what is happening.
    Also, Vin Scully is the man.

  10. If the announcers are paid by the team, they are part of the team, and they travel with the team. I don’t have a problem at all with them saying “we”, “us”, etc… I DO have a problem with home team announcers who can’t criticize their own team or praise the other one. As much as I would prefer to listen to Franzkie and LA, I’ve heard McCarthy and Wheels do both, actually – criticize the Phils and praise the opposition.

  11. So from all the comments here? Hawk Harrelson is good because he is supposed to be biased?
    No, they are not supposed to be biased. They are supposed to tell you what is going on in the game.
    They are not “we”/”us” by any stretch of the imagination. And even if they are paid by the team, why not just have PR director announce the game. We/us comes off as amatuer. Would Harry Kalas ever refer to the Phillies as we? Sure, he was biased, but there is a way to handle it, professionally.

  12. Only the 7th? Granted, I do not hear the other local announcers in other cities but it is hard to believe they are any worse than these two. I wonder if they are the first in announcers who never shut up category?

  13. You can always tell if the Phillies are winning or losing.Listen to their broadcasters tone of voice. Whether it is Tom McCarthy or the late Harry Kalas, they will tell you what the score is. Listen to a Met game, and will hear praise for both teams when earned,critisism when deserved. That is why the crew in NY gets emmys and Philly get rasberries.

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