After an off-season that promised much yet delivered little thanks to Nike's aggressive advertising and the NFL's generally conservative approach to branding, we're back with an all-new set of UniDictions with an all-new format.

For an overview of the changes which the Nike contract brought, check out Paul Lukas' article on ESPN. Simply, the Eagles made NO changes to their uniforms, even the relatively benign ones such as the new collar style and use of Nike "performance" fabrics. They're all-but wearing Reebok uniforms with Nike swooshes on them. Also, check out my lengthy analysis from April where I discuss the implications of the grey Seahawks uniforms among other topics.

Some quick off-season updates you might've missed:

  • The Eagles will be wearing their black jerseys this season. They'll be making their first appearance since 2009. Hopefully they'll pair them with white pants and not the green pants. Then let's hope they burn them.
  • The Steelers have a ludicrous new alternate.
  • The Chargers will wear white over white in Week 2 for the first time in their current uniform set.
  • The Broncos will now use their orange alternate as their primary "color" jersey, with blue being the alternate.
  • The Jaguars added a black alternate jersey, but they (still) have yet to announce them.
  • The Redskins have pretty neat throwbacks for this year.
  • The Rams are ditching their gold pants. This is too bad, as white over gold and, especially, blue over gold were great "modern" style uniforms.
  • The Bears have orange pants in Madden 13. This week, the Bears confirmed they will NOT be wearing them this season.

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For the Browns/Eagles… well, see below. Classic vs. Modern. What's your pick? (click to enlarge)