UniDiction 2012 – Week 2 – Ravens vs. Eagles


Nothing particularly interesting going on uniform-wise last week, other than the Panthers in their blue alternates (for an away game, nonetheless) and the Seahawks new uniforms not looking all that bad in white over grey pants, but this week will see the the Chargers in white over white for the first time in their current uniform set. Excitement! Insert lightning pun!

Interestingly, according to Eagles Gameday, we'll see them in White at Home against the Ravens. Granted, Gameday first showed "white" all of last week until it changed to the correct "green" on Sunday morning, so take it with a grain of salt, even though the Eagles have randomly brought out the white jerseys for early regular season games in the past. So… assuming that it's currently correct, expect to see the Eagles in *blech* white over green, their worst current uniform combination. Why? The "midnight green" pants are too dark to look like anything other than an unspecified "dark color" unless they're in absolute ideal lighting condition. Lose the midnight green! As for the Ravens, there are worse uses of purple in the NFL, but this is more of an Eagles loss than a Ravens win. An image-breakdown after the jump.

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  1. Eagles have zero shot of winning Sunday. Ravens are such a lock that i’m putting a dime on the them to win outright

  2. If you’re going to have someone waste space with articles on uniforms, have someone with knowledge write them. This is pretty weak.

  3. I find articles regarding uniforms/logos to be quite pleasurable to read. It enhances my leisure time.

  4. this is the next logical football frenzy:
    ” Fantasy Football Fashion”
    not that its a bad thing.
    Hosted by Troy Aikmann and Ru Paul

  5. @this is stupid: You get the prize for “First comment to call me gay for the season!”
    @Al TRU: I’ve tried getting people to change their fantasy line-ups accordingly, but no luck so far for some reason…
    @Raymond K. Hessel: What “knowledge” are you looking for, exactly? It’s a pretty superficial topic for the most part (with some exceptions, such as the history of the Ravens logo change, for example).
    @Johnny: blah blah blah Don’t like it, don’t read it, and don’t comment blah blah blah
    @Dan Fuller: Don’t feed the trolls… d’oh. Too late.

  6. Ha, can’t believe some homers think Andy Reid can win a Title. FAT CHANCE.

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