UniDiction 2012 – Week 3 – Cardinals vs. Eagles

Wk3-head_2UPDATED (h/t to reader Pat T.)

Another week, another reinforcement of how much Midnight Green needs to go. Sure, the Eagles mixed things up and wore their white jerseys at home against the Ravens, but they paired them with their Midnight Green pants, their worst combination in their tired set. Keep in mind that in Week 2's bright mid-day sunshine, that's the best that color is ever going to look. Even by the end of the game, the pants just looked like a generic, dark mess.

Your Week 2 recap and Eagles/Cardinals UniDiction are after the jump.



Elsewhere around the league, little going on uniform-wise in Week 2 except the Chargers in all-white, their first time doing a white-out in the current uniform. Much, MUCH nicer than their usual white over navy. I approve.



This week, we see the Eagles take on the Cardinals, one of the worst outfitted teams in the NFL, and a shining example of trying to "fix" something that wasn't broken. In broad strokes, the current uniform looks generally

like their pre-makeover set, but almost none of the updates actually improve anything as detailed in the infographic below.


Eagles Gameday says the Eagles are in white jerseys, so putting on our assumption hats, look for the Eagles in white over green. The Cardinals announced they are wearing their black alternates for this matchup. This isn't going to be pretty, but if the Eagles choose to wear white pants, give the Eagles a big "W" this week.

Thanks to reader Pat T. for pointing out the Cardinals are in their black alternates on Sunday.


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  1. I’m not even sure why I read this article, but I think I need to examine my priorities immediately. I just read an article about uniforms. Uniforms!?!
    Isn’t there some tired analysis to be written about? Can’t we delve even further into the hackneyed Vick/turnover discussion? Could we at least try to make some semblance of drama out of the non-issue of Kolb vs. Eagles Part Deux? Have we really sunk low enough to break down the colors of a uniform? For Christ’s sake, this is a football game not a fashion show! End Rant.

  2. I’m glad somebody else has a problem with the midnight green look. Eagles need to bring back the pre-1996 look. How can we, people, make this happen?

  3. Yo, Ry! Chill out, dude! This is sports, silly games big boys play for more money than they deserve, not rocket science, nothing to get your panties in a bunch over. Meanwhile, I’m no fan of the midnight green either, especially since I grew up with the original kelly green, but at least our uniforms look better than the crap Arizona wears.

  4. Who cares what the Eagles unis look like,the only thing that matters is the W.

  5. I like the kelly green and the midnight green. To me they’re both Eagles green. I’d definitely like to see kelly green brought back as an alternate jersey, like a lot of other teams are doing these days. If I’m not mistaken, you’re allowed to wear alternate jerseys twice in a season. Bring ’em back a couple times a year!

  6. Yawn, Cardinals beat NE. Big whoop. Cleveland once demolished New England and held them to less points. Fluke win is flukey. Eagles will roll.

  7. I just cant take these seriously anymore. Dan’s made it well known that he does not like the Eagles uni simply due to the shade of green, so unless the team wears absolutely terrible uniforms, its obvious the Eagles uni is going to “lose.” I mean, how the fuck does any uniform (except maybe Cinci) “lose” to the RAVENS?! And even when the Eagles uniform does “win,” Dan has to add some snarky little remark about how it only did so because the other teams uni was the greater of two evils. I’m going to say it: The Eagles uniform is not bad. I WILL admit that midnight green is old by now and that there needs to be a change back to Kelly, but thats hardly an automatic deal breaker. Next to the Steelers, the Eagles helmet is one of the most classic, well known designs in the game. There are far worse uniforms out there.

  8. @azcardinals tweeted that they are wearing all black jerseys on sunday. Tweet was 17th at 1249pm. Get some facts and come back and see me.

  9. @Pat T – thanks for the heads-up and kind words. Updating shortly.
    @Philly native…: Not true. I also don’t like the Eagles uniforms due to the drop shadow, black socks, and stripe patterns. If the Eagles were playing the Cardinals in green over white, that’d be a straight-up “win” (whatever that means for something as ridiculous as this). This specific season (as of week 3) has been weird because the Eagles were in green on the road against the Browns (who have a top tier uniform), then against the Ravens (not so nice) but in the awful white over green combination. As the season progresses, you’ll see the green over white combination “win” a fair amount, I’m sure.
    I agree that the Eagles have one of the best helmets in the league (with the Steelers, Rams, Chargers). In previous seasons (check the archives) I’d write much more about the Eagles each week, but it was pretty much the same things every week, the way that I mention the shade of green every week now, I was writing the same thing (“great helmet, bad stripes, wrong socks”) each week.
    @Korn…: they can wear an alternate twice a season, but they’re currently using the black jersey as the alternate, unfortunately.

  10. Love this site- hate this thread every wk.
    I mean UNIFORMS are being discussed ? WITH GRAPHICS? REALLY?
    Next you’ll be judging their shoes and accessories
    And if ya HAVE to disucss uni’s- you’re on crack if you think WHITE ON WHITE looks best for ANY team.
    Craptacular is what that is.
    The Eagles current colors hafta go- agree there, in favor of the old Kelly Green and silver pants from the late 80s/early 90s- but the white top/midnight green pants are by far the BEST look they have under this current scheme.
    Midnight green jersey’s look like crap and the white pants suck as well.

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