Video: “EatDatPussy” Gives His Week 2 Eagles Recap

PussyrecapGIF via Bartstool

Eat it, dat pussy.

EatDatPussy445 is back with his Eagles recap, and it looks like someone got iMovie.

This week, EDP edited in some real-time footage of his chunky ass self watching as replacement officials reviewed Michael Vick’s obvious incomplete pass to make sure it wasn’t a 10-yard throwing fumble. Ruling on the field overturned.

“No fuckin’ shit!” EDP exclaims.

His – always brilliant – recap, after the jump.


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  1. I love these videos! He is such a great fan that offers both great insight and passion. Bring on Arizona! All Aboard!

  2. This is the “gold” standard in recap videos.
    “I’m Gona eat soo much pizza tonight ni$$a”

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