Video of Last Night’s Replacement Official Nonsense and Audio of Packers Radio Call

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There is not much I can add to last night’s Monday Night Football debacle, other than I think I saw Golden Tate hit M.D. Jennings with a steel chair when officials turned their heads. Then: 1… 2… touchdown Seahawks! Seahawks win!!

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Oh no. Oh my God!! That’s a terrible call. He hit Tate with a steel chair. A steel chair! The Seahawks just stole this game!! I’ve never seen anything like it.

Video and Packers radio broadcast call, after the jump.

For more coverage, may we suggest heading over to The Big Lead, who has all sides covered.


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  1. Think officiating is atrocious now ?
    wait til the playoffs and Super Bowl.
    Arnold Rothstein
    World Series 1919

  2. First, did anyone watch the ESPN post game show? I legit thought Steve Young was about to cry when he was talking about how bad this whole thing is becoming. He is 100% right on too. This league is becoming a joke. I didnt have a rooting interest in the game but to see so many basic calls blown not to mention the last call which was horrific is just terrible. If I was betting man I would not even think about laying my hard earned money on the NFL right now. Obviously, there is always a risk in gambling but right now that risk is even more dangerous because you have to hope these in over their head Refs get basic calls correct.
    Secondly, and I know this would never happen but isnt it time as fans and as the consumers to step in and force a change. Like I said, I know this would never happen but I think it would be truly amazing if the fans dispayed how powerful the consumer is. Boycott the games, don’t watch on tv, don’t buy the merchandise, let them play in empty stadiums, etc… Watch how quickly this whole thing would get resolved if the people or the money if you will isn’t rolling in on gameday. Obviously, this won’t happen because football is king in this country but I think it would be amazing if fans brought this multi-billion dollar enterprise to its knees.

  3. Well, Roger Goodell’s worst nightmare regarding the faux refs finally came true. Those well meaning but inept bunglers directly cost a team a game with a horribly blown call, and on Monday night with the NFL world watching to boot. Even worse, they didn’t screw over just any old team, but Green Bay, the league’s standard bearer. Outrageous! If that four alarm debacle doesn’t light a fire under Goodell’s pompous ass to settle this hissy fit with the real refs, then pretty much nothing will.

  4. We as a culture will not stop watching, buying, or investing in the NFL despite its product being resoundingly flawed and a true disgrace. This is because all of us have already been bought and sold by the rich MEN controlling the country, pro sports, and the marketing/branding of our worlds.
    NFL games average 11 minutes of “actual game play”…..just let that soak in.
    We are all sellouts as it is, this blown call and game means nothing, until we all wake up, but sadly we are too fat and lazy as a country to do so…..
    Just like the NHL lockout, not much will change once it ends and game play resumes.
    Its sad, but it is truly reality.

  5. Just dead silence for about 20 seconds at one point in that radio clip. Then they boil over. Awesome!!!

  6. Seahawks are an NFC bubble-quality team. This could easily affect the Eagles come December.
    How much money do you think shifted hands on that play? Now add in all the fantasy leagues, dudes who played GB defense or Tate. Now add in a 10-6 city that’s eliminated by Sea, potential tourism $ etc. Holy shit, that’s a lot of cash.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I had heard somewhere before that if an offensive and defensive player both come down with the ball, the ruling will automatically be in favor of the offense?
    I will say that Jennings looked like he had more control over the ball than Tate.

  8. Elizabeth, there’s no such thing as more control. Jennings and Tate both had both hands on the ball when they hit the ground and both had both hands on the ball when the closest official ran in to check for possession. In the end zone, possession isn’t established until a player controls the ball with 2 feet (if standing) or his body (if he falls down) in the end zone.
    I agree that the replacements have made some terrible calls, but this was not one of them. It was a touchdown by the rules. (And may I add, I’m not a Seattle fan; I was rooting and had bet on the Packers.)

  9. @Joe J – I think you need to look at that replay again. I know the rule you are referring to and I believe Stuart Scott read the rule about six times after the game. The rule also goes on to say that it is not a simultaneous catch if a player gains control first and an opponent subsequently gains joint control later. Jennings had both hands on the ball and pinned to his chest with two feet in bounds when he came down. Tate had what…one arm locked in to Jennings with maybe a hand on the ball. Doesn’t sound like dual possession to me.

  10. James, Jennings did not pin it against his chest because Tate’s hand was on the back side of the ball, between the ball and Jenning’s chest. A one-handed catch is not any less of a catch than a two-handed one. In addition, Jennings got one foot down but not the second; he and Tate fell to the end zone together. Tate had one hand on the ball the whole time (remember, one-handed catches are considered a catch) and a second hand on the ball before hitting the ground. Finally, possession isn’t determined until they hit the ground. Take a look at the replay again with these things in mind.

  11. Anything to piss off bandwagon packers fans is the right call. Anything that also wins me money on the pools is even more of a right call 🙂

  12. Joe J, I find it interesting that in your explanation to Elizabeth you stated that both players had both hands on the ball and now you are reversing field, saying, one guy had two hands and the other had one but a one-handed catch is the same thing yada yada yada. Jennings clearly had greater possession of the ball. Tate gains equal possession after the players fell to the ground in which the rule states an opponent cannot gain simulataneous possession after the fact. I do not need to argue with you. The call was wrong.
    There is one of three reasons why you think this is the correct call:
    1. You’re a Seahawks fan
    2. You bet the Seahawks.
    3. You’re that guy who insists on going against the grain on everything. And in this situation you want to tell everyone these Refs aren’t as bad as everyone thinks they are.
    I’ll admit in real time it may have been a tough call. But in the day and age of video replay, there is no reason to get this call incorrect.

  13. James, once again, there is no such thing as “greater possession of the ball”. And I’m a die hard Eagles fan who became a fan when my dad first bought seasons tickets in 1958. In addition, I picked the Packers in my Pick-em leagues. Finally, the replacement officials are horrible but the official closest to the play was correct. Let’s agree to disagree.

  14. One more comment, and I’m done: Green Bay lost because Jennings was more interested in getting an interception than he was in winning the game. Had winning the game been the most important thing to him, he would have simply knocked the ball down. But no, he wanted that interception.

  15. Fair enough Joe. We’ll agree to disagree. One more thing, not so much “greater possession” but this is what I’m referring to, here is the actual rule. Item 5: Simultaneous Catch. If a pass is caught simultaneously by two eligible opponents, and both players retain it, the ball belongs to the passers. It is not a simultaneous catch if a player gains control first and an opponent subsequently gains joint control.
    I think the second part of this rule is what took place. Or at least that is what I’m seeing.

  16. I understand what you’re saying, James. We just disagree about whether Tate’s left hand on the ball counts as a possession.
    By the way, the NFL just released a ruling; in it, they said that Tate should have been called for pass interference (I agree), but having not called it, the call on the catch was correct.

  17. Joe, I’m so surprised the NFL is backing it’s replacement officials here…shocking (sarcasm). Pass intereference was clear as day but even Gruden said they usually let all that go in those hail mary/jump ball situations. The NFL has zero credibilty. I wasn’t expecting them to come out and say the call was incorrect.

  18. James, this wasn’t the only game this week that the lack of an offensive pass interference call affected the outcome. Baltimore would have lost to New England had the officials called Torrey Smith for pushing off in the endzone in the 4th quarter.
    If the NFL was just covering for the officials, they would not have commented on the pass interference.

  19. Joe, we’re never going to agree on this. I actually feel that the fact there was a blatant no call on the pass interference plays to the NFL here. It allowed them to say, “hey they missed the PI call that should have ended the game, nothing we can do about that. But in turn they got the call correct and didn’t not interpret a ruling wrong.” Since the preseason the NFL really hasn’t had a bad thing to say about the replacement officials and why would they? There is no way they are going to publicly say that the officials got a call wrong.

  20. Obviously, fans are going to watch their home teams games; not realistic to get everyone to boycott all games. But if we could somehow boycott all other games it might work. For instance if on Sunday night the only people who watch are Eagles and Giants fans then the ratings would fall drastically. Or Monday only Cowboys and Bears fans tune in. This would cause networks and advertisers to go ballistic.

  21. Knocking the ball down works in midfield with players spread around, not when everyone is in the same spot in a position to catch a batted ball. Look at the Detroit – Tennesee hail Mary and the one where Jacksonville beat Houston or someone with it a season or two ago, both caught from balls swatted away. Winter is coming…with a superbowl and playoffs manned by replacement refs…

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