Video: T-Mac Impersonates Will Ferrell

As reader Matt pointed out, it’s like the time Michael Scott did Chris Rock. Only worse.

Jump it for the video.


9 Responses

  1. Is there something we can do, as a group, to get this guy fired? Please…
    Anyone have any ideas…

  2. T-Mac does suck, absolutely whole heartedly agree, but, it really was more of a quote than an impersanation.

  3. He seems like a nice guy and all…but jesus fucking christ, I have to watch these games on mute most of the time. Seriously. How can we get this guy out of here? Is there anyone that actually likes him? About to start a petition to get him gone.

  4. T-Mac lost me when he casually remarked that Kendrick “scattered 7 hits” in his five innings of work. Maybe I’m wrong (or splitting hairs), but I thought that “scattering” hits implies that most of the runners DIDN’T score.

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