Just a few minutes before doing my thing on the new GSD last night, I looked at my iPhone and noticed an email from [email protected]. Subject line: [sic] “kyle Scott… what a guy”

I am a great guy, but I don’t think that’s what Arf wanted to tell me. He apparently didn’t like this post about Sidney Crosby. Go, Arf:

Wow…I can not begin to express the hilarity that is your pathetic blog.
Kyle Scott you are a worthless excuse for a person…and even your own
demographic sees you for what you truly are…a sad, sad, little loser.
The new Crosby post, nice work, truly. You managed to come across as a
sniveling little girl, complaining about Crosby's lack of apology. You
then procede to call him a crybaby and a list of other witticisms, yet it
is you with a wang up your ass because in an interview, he spoke as an
athlete (something im sure you never were or ever will be) and refused to
apologize for whatever it was you and the rest of the Flyers orgnization
seems to be bitching about. The comments to that post amuse me. Your
"fans" calling you out for your complete stupidity. Crosby isnt sorry? Get
over it. You really are an embarassment to not only philadelphia but to
bloggers in general. You represent your orginization as complainers and
pussies looking for an apology…really? This is hockey. So until you
learn what it is to become a man, keep on sporting those sweet V-necks and
kindly go fuck yourself. You giant, giant, tool.

Oh…and your boner of the Nats? Also extremely pathetic…once again, you
are a tool.


If I had enough time to do so, I would have changed my spiel on GSD to simply: "fucking Yinzers!" But I'm not sure the censors would have allowed that anyway.

Pitt’s a tough school, and I’m not sure Arfy here is going to make it.