And Now, an Email from Pittsburgh

Just a few minutes before doing my thing on the new GSD last night, I looked at my iPhone and noticed an email from Subject line: [sic] “kyle Scott… what a guy”

I am a great guy, but I don’t think that’s what Arf wanted to tell me. He apparently didn’t like this post about Sidney Crosby. Go, Arf:

Wow…I can not begin to express the hilarity that is your pathetic blog.
Kyle Scott you are a worthless excuse for a person…and even your own
demographic sees you for what you truly are…a sad, sad, little loser.
The new Crosby post, nice work, truly. You managed to come across as a
sniveling little girl, complaining about Crosby's lack of apology. You
then procede to call him a crybaby and a list of other witticisms, yet it
is you with a wang up your ass because in an interview, he spoke as an
athlete (something im sure you never were or ever will be) and refused to
apologize for whatever it was you and the rest of the Flyers orgnization
seems to be bitching about. The comments to that post amuse me. Your
"fans" calling you out for your complete stupidity. Crosby isnt sorry? Get
over it. You really are an embarassment to not only philadelphia but to
bloggers in general. You represent your orginization as complainers and
pussies looking for an apology…really? This is hockey. So until you
learn what it is to become a man, keep on sporting those sweet V-necks and
kindly go fuck yourself. You giant, giant, tool.

Oh…and your boner of the Nats? Also extremely pathetic…once again, you
are a tool.


If I had enough time to do so, I would have changed my spiel on GSD to simply: "fucking Yinzers!" But I'm not sure the censors would have allowed that anyway.

Pitt’s a tough school, and I’m not sure Arfy here is going to make it.


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  1. My roommate and I who are Flyers fans stuck in Yinzer country cause we attend Pitt would gladly punch “ARF” in the face if we saw him.

  2. You know someone has no argument when all they do is personally insult you. Stay Classy Pittsburgh.

  3. There’s so many fucktards at Pitt who know absolutely nothing about hockey. I went to Pitt and am a die hard Flyers fan; never afraid to rock the orange and black around town.
    Yinzers have the brain capacity of a door knob.

  4. The guy has a point. If Crosby would’ve apologized you probably would’ve called him a fag or a bitch. I understand what Kyle was trying to do (fill the void that the Flyers and NHL have left), but I prefer reading about Philly teams over Washington or Pittsburgh teams.

  5. Can’t say I disagree with him. I thought you were a funny read for a while but now you just come across as a petty little girl.Please stop with the Jayson Werth, Mike Richards, and Jeff Carter stories. They haven’t been relevant in this town for over a year and you’re still slobbing all over them.
    Also, it is hockey. I probably can’t stand Crosby more than anyone but it is hockey. Please learn that or stop covering the Flyers.
    Yours truly,
    Previous fan of CB.

  6. Met alot of yinzers over the past 4 years up here at State College, and I say they are most pathetic excuse for sports fans in my life. They call us pathetic? C’mon man. Ever tried talking sports with someone from Pittsburgh? Its like actually trying to listen to your girlfriend, its awful. In all honestly I rather have beer with a Giants fan. I hate that city.

  7. Can’t wait until Crosby’s head gets rammed into the boards. I’ll stand and cheer the end of his career. If it’s not dwindling already.

  8. Clearly, Mr. Arf has way too much time on his hands if he felt the crying need to respond to something he read on a Philly sports blog. Didn’t know they had Internet access in homeless shelters. Wow! Pittsburgh is more modern than I knew!

  9. Only good thing to come out of Pittsburgh was “Knock, Knock” and that’s only beacuse of 24/7 and our Flyguys. #CANTWAIT

  10. This is a Philadelphia sports blog? I’ve been coming here for Nationals news…

  11. Mr. Arf should’ve realized that they are fellow Pitt students who read CB who have access to student lookup. Name is Austin Foust. Do what you will with that information, readers.

  12. It sounds like he only bashed kyle…not the flyers. and he has a valid point…this blog has turned into a joke

  13. Nice one, Steve!
    Also, according to that roster, he doesn’t own a car. Hilarious.

  14. He’s #66 on his intramural roller hockey team. Such a typical pittsburg fan.. I bet his 2nd and 3rd choices were 87 and 71

  15. Kyle, if it wasn’t for you I’d have to get work done all day so keep fighting the good fight.

  16. I cant say i disagree… cock jokes and obsessing over Werth is old. Yet here i am commenting on your site. Go figure.

  17. The kid makes a few good arguments, but at the end of the day, he’s still a loser for sending that email…
    I agree with “You’re a Tiring Act”, Kyle needs to get over Werth and the Nationals already… Werth is a bitter tool and the Nationals are better than the Phillies right now, with a front-running fanbase.
    Hey “Daddy”, u don’t come off as an ignoramus at all, maybe you should hang out with “ThePhillyFlash” and u can make lame jokes about Pittsburgh together.
    All in all, who cares what Crosby said, all the post was meant for was to be an amusing anecdote in the absence of actual, relavant hockey news… he’s still a cry baby b*tch though

  18. Wow Steve, nice detective work! The Pitt page is no longer available, I’m sure due to all of this ‘unexpected’ traffic…lol.
    I’m sure Mr. Foust didn’t anticipate this kind of fun!

  19. @JD: It’s still there. Just click on IM Rosters along the top for a list of the Yinzer elite.

  20. I remember this Austin Faust dude when I went to Pitt. He walked around the male dorms begging to suck off all the residents… That’s obviously where his Crosby ties come from.

  21. I hate the Crosby but this email was spot on. Kyle really does suck. This isnt even a source of Philly news..just stupid and irrelevant articles about things like Bryce Harpers red contacts. Its an embarrassment to be honest

  22. Where the only ones aloud to give Kyle shit, no outsiders like this Pitt homo

  23. What’s wrong with Kyle’s Nationals obsession? Rivalries are fun. The Nats are the Phillies’ main rival now. “Tired” would have been if he kept going after the Mets.

  24. People Take the Internet way to seriously. It’s a Sports Blog…Based about Philly Sports, Why the fuck would he write good things about Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. We fucking HATE The penguins…And not only does Philly hate Sidney Crosby…So does the rest of the hockey world.
    You think Pittsburgh Sports Blogs say good things about Philly Teams?

  25. pens suck. crosby’s a fuckin pussy. nats fucking blow. werth is a dildo. if you don’t like the stuff kyle says, don’t read it. it’s not that fucking hard. keep doing your thing Scott, Kyle.

  26. Wish that Princess Sass chick would come back to Philly. She gave a mean blowjob and let me take her from the back while she was wearing my Giroux jersey.

  27. guys are idiots…I hate Pittsburgh and Crosby just as much as the next guy but really what if Giroux broke Crosby’s wrists and HE DID apologize for it…you would be pissed.
    Get over it, he acted as any professional hockey player should.
    Also the foust thing, it probably means he does not have a car on campus and its probably used for carpooling to games… don’t need to be a detective to figure that out…
    Kyle is a tool, just look at what his site has become and how everyone rips him daily. Site used to be somewhat interesting now its the same old dick joke, Carter and Richards talk, Bryz sucks talk, and nationals coverage…This is what happens when you have a wanna be reporter that cant be a real reporter so hes stuck using a blog.
    The really sad thing is…most of the posts on here are the same people just changing names…oh well here is my hit for the day, your welcome Kyle…

  28. You guys are funny! I never hooked up with one Flyers fan while wearing a G jersey! It was 3! At the same time.

  29. I saw you on Great Sports Debate Kyle! Congrats for making it on TV! I’m proud of you. I thought all the big-time sports professionals in Philly hated your blog.
    If you want serious sports in Philly today, where do you even go? Daily News Live? Nope. Not after the “crazy eyes” Papelbon interview. NBC10 Sunday Sports with Howard Eskin, John Clark and Vai Sikehema? No, not after that crazy Lenny Dykstra interview.

  30. This kid is a joke. He’s actually gay and I’ve heard rumors around campus that he’s eaten out dude butthole. Good luck with your future posting shit like this, scumbag.

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