And Now, Jayson Werth Punches You Squarely in the Dick

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Or directly. Or forcefully. Or angrily. Or vociferously. Whatever. Just watch the video after the jump. Actually, don’t. It's bad for you. #dickpunch

The full home run here.


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  1. Nationals shouldn’t have won tonight. With Jim “All I do is make horrible calls” Joyce manning the most inconsistent strikezone in baseball history tonight, it allowed Kyle Lohse (A pitcher capable of shutting down the Nationals any night) to get so fatigued that Jayson Werth (The least clutch player in the MLB not named Alex Rodriguez) could hit a weak ball into the stands.
    Let the images speak for themselves:

  2. Sorry, folks, but Werth’s heroics didn’t “punch me in the dick” at all. In brief, I didn’t give a damn. I’m long over the childish hate Kyle and others here still harbor towards the guy. If you want a real so-called villain, look no further than Jim Joyce and his ridiculous strike zone which made nobodies Ross Detwiler and Kyle Lohse look like Bob Gibson and Steve Carlton.

  3. Fuck
    POS & Freddy Cruger Rauul could never do that for the Phils in a clutch playoff spot. God dammm what a bad fall for Philly. Batteries to the werths dome next season

  4. Why do people hate Werth? Heck of a hit. Wish he was a Phillie. Washington overpaid. The Phillies 3 best players were hurt for 3 months this year. Oh well.

  5. He helped bring us a World Series people! Cmon, Im not his biggest fan but the hate for him is ridiculous. What makes you hate him? He got a monster deal from the Nats, not even close to what he got offered here. What was he supposed to do? You cant even say “well he shouldve stayed where he could have won.” Hes now on the team with the most wins in the league.

  6. what pisses me off most is hunter pence all of a sudden trying to be a leader. What a fraud

  7. Guy worked a 13-pitch count and got thrown a “cookie” as that ass-clown Wheels would say, and smoked it. Good for him.
    Anyone of you dickhurt idiots would have taken $126 million too. Tons of former Philly athletes have left and done great things, get over it already.

  8. Still dont get the hatred for this guy
    he was beloved here … eventhough he was overrated
    you cried when he left…
    you ripped him at every pass on your trips to washington and their trips here and expected him to still suck you off …
    dont get it
    Beez Nutz

  9. NOTE when I say “you” … im not specifically talking about Kyle, but most all of our phils fans

  10. I would like to hit a “home run” with werth if you know what i mean…. He’s so fine.

  11. He was never going to get $126 million here and rightfully so. The fact that he throws barbs at the Phils organization and the fans on occasion is what’s bizzare. Seems like he’s the one that’s dickhurt even though he has his cash and he’s in the playoffs supposedly with the team he wanted to play for. On top of all that, from all reports, he seems to be a horrible human.

  12. That was a sick at bat and homerun. I don’t care. He left for a younger team that was paying him more. He’s in the playoffs, the Phillies aren’t. Seems like he made the right choice. For now at least. Stop bitching.

  13. I don’t understand the hatred for him. When he was here, we loved him and because he went for a better financial opportunity, we had him? Everyone posting here would have done the exact same thing. Oh wait, he has made some “negative” comments about Philly? Really, if you were attacked every time you came up to bat or touched the ball, you would be a little salty too.
    Get over it people…Let’s go O’s!!!

  14. 14 post-season HOME RUNS
    don’t say he didn’t do shit what he was here…
    if you dickheads want to hate on someone – save it for Charlie and Ruben – if we had Bochey or LaRussa, the Phils would have won 4 titles
    Charlie could only win the series when he had 240 HRs in his lineup

  15. @Steve, watched 10 minutes of the debate, it woulda been a minute but i got mesmerized by the stupidity. Then i got depressed because one of those 2 assholes will be a heartbeat away from the big red button. 2 party system blows. meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  16. Pinch-hitting is as gay as semen on a man’s moustache. If a player can’t hit then wtf are they doing playing in the league? GTFO of here with such failure.

  17. Isn’t October great without the awful phillies stinking up the joint??? They were extremely lucky to play a cinderella Tampa team that was just happy to be in the playoffs in 08. Got crushed by the Yanks in 09 and obviously have been in a nosedive ever since!!!

  18. @Natsfan, I am not sure why I am taking the time to prove your post wrong, but I guess it is the same old annoyance that you fans in DC are very unintelligent (read stupid) when it comes to sports. The Phillies won a World Series in 2008…does it really matter who their opponent was? A WS title is still a WS title, and on top of that, it only took them 5 games. In 2009, I do not think the Phillies got “crushed” by the Yankees as you say. They lost the WS in 6 games, hardly close to being swept, which would be more in line of a “crushing”. The cumulative box score (which means all of the games added together, if you were lost there for a second) for that series had the Yankees outscoring the Phillies 32-27, outhitting the Phillies 49-44, and both teams had 2 errors that series. Hmmm that doesn’t look like much of a crushing after all, does it? Maybe you got the 2007 WS mixed up with the 2009 WS, now that was a crushing.
    Stick to your politics and I hope you left the price tags on your Nats shirts so you can return them back to Modell’s after Friday Night.

  19. Well, the Cardiac Cards returned the favor last night, and then some. Well played, St. Louis! Well played!
    Meanwhile, let’s hear it for that gNatitude!

  20. The Phillies could have paid him big bucks but not for what he was getting oferfed he’s just not WERTH as much as the Nats gave him. Indeed, the Sox and Phillies do have souls. Ask the Yankees about that A-Rod contract now that was playin’ some poker (not so subtle reference to Alex’s latest brush with MLB)!

  21. Duel, I’m a BIG Cruz fan. You are right on that guy can slug 40 if he is in the lineup every day. He has some seirous skills.Outside, it takes a big man to admit that his own player should have taken a backseat to another. I was worried that my bitterness about last year’s Series might have soured me! I, like you, am hoping for a Series rematch this year that would be one great grudge match!I haven’t seen you guys much here on the blog. I hope to see more of you. I will continue stopping by and reading your insights! Thanks!

  22. , that he has alot of All-Star Games in his future so maybe this one won’t be so bad to miss.Matt, I abolultesy agree that the manager’s bias came into play here. But I guess when you win the World Series you get some perks that come along with it. Still, not cool.Thanks for visiting, guys. I appreciate it.

  23. Dominic Brown in Left Field, Victorino in Center and Werth in Right Field. Don’t see why both parties (Camp Werth & Phillies) can’t work shimtoeng out. We work well together as doubtful pointed out in his comment. Thankyou Rauuuuuul, you will be loved and remembered! I would have given Lopes whatever he fairly wanted. Davey, thankyou you will be missed too! You are a genious at reading the pitcher. Ross Gload, good luck and Ben Francisco . just not quite sure about you being here next season as well ..if not, I wish you well too. After all, Mayberry is waiting in the wings too! To all the players that have been here since we WON the series three years ago and may be departing . THANK YOU! Now about our pitching staff . other than our 1-2-3 punch any suggestions?

  24. Let JW go he got a RING let some one else, hopefully a good hiettr who wants 2 win GO GET BARRY BONDS he needs the ring or the guy The Dodgers just let go I live in Anaheim, Ca. and The Angels are here no matter whatI’m a PHILLY FAN 4 LIFE born and raised

  25. I agree the Fightins will be back in 2011 and win it all with an improved hittnig lineup and outfield! My family is the most phanatic fans in Florida! I am from Philly and bleed Phillies red and Eagles green!

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