Andre Iguodala Posted a Message to Sixers Fans on His Website

Andre Iguodala, who took passive swipes at Sixers fans and Doug Collins earlier this year, decided he wanted to smooth things over before getting booed tonight. He posted a message to fans on his website. It reads:


I would like to take the time to thank you and all your devoted sports fans for the passion, loyalty and spirit that you gave to me during my eight seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Thanks as well to the 76ers organization, who gave me the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream of playing in the NBA and provided me with a great front office of dedicated people to work with. I would also like to thank all the coaches, trainers and teammates that I was blessed to compete along side and build lasting relationships with here.

Tonight I begin a new chapter in my career but I will always share my accomplishments with the city and the organization and I thank you both for all that you have done for me.


Andre Iguodala


Others, like Pat Burrell and Shane Victorino took out newspaper ads… but this is cool too. I guess. Nicely worded by his PR person.


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  1. He should not be booed tonight – guy never did anything wrong just wasn’t as good as we needed him to be, not his fault he was as good as he was capable of being.

  2. Can’t fault a guy who gets overpaid when the team offered him the contract, he didn’t hold out or anything. He wasn’t as good as the organization advertised and that isn’t his fault. He was supposed to be the Pippen to Iverson and Iverson screwed that all up. He was forced to become the face of the franchise due to weak drafts and free agents not wanting to come here. NBA has a cap, so you can’t offer a free agent more money to pick Philly over another place.

  3. No reason to boo. Only stupid people will. Hopefully the stupid people couldn’t get opening night tickets

  4. guy never did anything wrong? Single-handedly losing games in the 4th quarter by jacking up 3 pointers that hit the side of the backboard. His whole problem was that he thought he could shoot. Please, by all means boo him

  5. I’ve got nothing against him. He had his faults, yes, but the stuff about him being a bad guy is overblown. Props to him for a classy move, even if the timing is a little suspect.

  6. @ Poopdollar – Please tell me who we had to take the last shot of any game? Blame the Front Office.

  7. @poopdollar as well. As said above this, who else was there to take the shot ?
    secondly, if he had made some of these shot… how far would it have gotten them ?
    thirdly, he single handledly took over that game 6 in the playoffs, and won the game.
    no reason to boo

  8. I have no beef with Iguodala who, like Talbot said, had been put into an impossible position from the day he arrived, and, as a result, caught way more grief from fans than he deserved. And I’ll admit I slung my fair share of mud his way on this site. Recently too. Even if he didn’t pen so much as a word of that message, I admire Iggy for having that done anyway.
    As for the possibility of his getting booed tonight, count on it. It doesn’t take some slobbering drunk 700 level caveman who didn’t graduate high school to make a fool of himself, there will be some Armani clad knuckleheads with college degrees who’ll boo Iggy, if but for no other reason than because they want to. In fact, I’ll be shocked if that DOESN’T happen.

  9. Andre Iguodala played on a lot of awful Sixers teams. He is not a superstar player, but he is a very good one. Your hate towards Andre Iguodala over the years, if any existed, was severely misguided. Your displeasure should’ve been directed towards the team’s former front office staff members.
    Good luck on the next (and, hopefully, more pleasant) chapter of your career, Andre!

  10. i was listening to the radio and heard he will be honored tonight before the game… what is he being honored for???

  11. So Burrell and Victo take out their own adds but Iggy and Vick have PR people that talk for them? Racist pile of trash.

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