Andrew Bynum Did Not Practice Today, as is Tradition

image from mobilwi.typepad.comPic from last week, via Sixers PR man Mike Preston

Hey, let’s talk Sixers.

Andrew Bynum was set to begin practicing today.

The only thing that matters this season is the health and contributions of Bynum. If he’s healthy and “as advertised” (which I guess means a flakey, sometimes aloof center with tremendous ability), then the Sixers could compete for a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals.

If not, they’re fucked.

So today was a big day. Would Bynum practice as expected, so he could be ready for the Halloween opener against Andre Iguodala and the Nuggets? Or, will that night be a real fright fest for Sixers fans? [High five!]

Leaning towards fright fest.

Sixers scriptuals gathered behind some literal and figurative curtain, awaiting entrance to practice.

We’ll let them set the scene:

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 1.18.15 PM

Oh, intrigue.

So, did Bynum practice? Are his knees doing better?

No. Out with right knee discomfort. 

Go, guys: 

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 1.13.29 PM
Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 1.13.29 PM

Tony DiLeo said the team is being cautious with Bynum, and that he will be out until he's pain free and is longshot for the Sixers' opener. No timetable. He's out indefinitely.

Bynum will speak soon. We’ll update this when he does.

What a horrible day for the Sixers, and therefore, of course, the world.


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  1. watching them in the preseason, and I do realize it is preseason… to say they’d be totally fucked without bynum for a couple weeks seems a bit much.
    I can’t see him missing an entire season.
    Everyone says this is a make or break move for this team, however they ditched a lot of money and can see if this knee is worth it. They most likely were going to make him an offer after this year regardless of what team he was on… and if his knee is bad, take a look at the free agent list for next year. Al Jefferson would be a great substitute for bynum and they would have the money to get him

  2. Kyle, you’ve been miserable lately. Everything ok with you & Mrs. CB?
    And I wouldn’t necessarily say this team is fucked without Bynum. I think this team is a little better then last years team even without Bynum. Are they better off with a healthy Bynum? Of course, but come on they aren’t totally lost with out him.

  3. Kyle, what’s the point of crying about Bynum? Would you rather be starting another irrelevant season with Andre Iguodala? You are acting like we invested 10 years into the guy. One year. No risk. Move on with your life.

    Dude is coming off like a bitter fuck. Goddamn

  5. This is like the first step of the 12 steps for Kyle. Thank you for reporting this and coming off half as miserable as before. Seriously. Keep it up dude!
    P.S. sorry for suggesting you might be on crack yesterday.

  6. No flyers hockey prolly has something ro do with kyles mysery imo. Sixers past speaks for itself. Last years playoff run was ok, but since 01 they have really been in the toilet. That said, they could be good this year.

  7. We’re talking about practice man. We’re talking about practice. We’re talking about practice. We’re not talking about the game. We’re talking about practice. When you come to the arena, and you see me play, you’ve seen me play right, you’ve seen me give everything I’ve got, but we’re talking about practice right now.

  8. Nothing like hate-fucking a considerable portion of your readership base. I happen to like the Sixers AND your blog (most of the time), but poisonous entries like these are very off-putting.
    If people hate on your blog — and their hate is valueless and/or predicated on lies — just ignore them.

  9. Saw him last night a Joes Crab Shack with a couple of White Nova girls The girls had the look of disappointing their families in their eyes

  10. WOW…Kyle is extra angry today…more bitterness with each additional day of the hockey season is lost. Poor little hockey guy has nothing to do but bitch and bitch about his hated Sixers….big deal he missed practice, what matters is the playoffs, this team will cruise to the playoffs without Bynum, but they need him for the playoffs, so if he’s not available then, whine all you want. BOTTOM LINE, they invested 1 year for this guy, NO MORE. So chillax hockey spaz.

  11. Kyle,
    Get over yourself with this Sixers bashing. A good blogger stays objective and clearly you are a HUGE hater of the Sixers. Bynum will be fine, when he misses the first 2 weeks no one will care come playoff time.

  12. Dude Kyle…”What a horrible day for the Sixers, and therefore, of course, the world.” Are you for real? Get over it already…stick to funny. Your bitter sarcasm doesn’t play well here.

  13. Are you saying you’d rather have him come back early? Just relax, this team is already better than last years without Bynum…its better he rests now.
    I think Kyle misses seeing men on ice.

  14. Kyle, all kidding aside, can you tell us your top 5 current favorite Philly athletes and why you like them. We really need to hear something positive from you. It is sad that someone with no Philly ties (EDP) has more passion about a Philly team than you. The only thing that I can assess from your crankiness is that things aren’t going well in your personal life and you have decided to hate everything in life. Maybe you bit off more than you can chew with big boy responsibilities (i.e. girlfriend (as a cover), house, dog, etc.)? That or maybe page views are way down with your recent poor reporting combined with the lack of October baseball (besides your reporting on every Phillies player that has left in the last 3 years) and no hockey?

  15. Reading this blog is equivalent to listening to my girlfriend complain. It’s close, but I think Kyle has more sand in his vagina. Let me put it into a Crossing Broad parable perhaps, something he can understand. He’s like that cool, trendy chick that everyone thought was hot and fresh when she burst onto the scene in high school. She didn’t know that her perky C cups were the reason for her new found popularity. And then, a couple swigs of OJ and Vladi from a gatorade bottle and it’s under the bleachers we go during that Friday night football game. On Monday in homeroom, she puts a little too much cover-up on that weird sore above her lip and suddenly she wasn’t so popular anymore. People began to realize that she’s nothing special, she’s actually pretty annoying and brings nothing new or exciting to the table, just like any other hole.
    The end.

  16. Just admit it Kyle you don’t like black athletes that’s why all of your blogs dealing with black athletes are so negative.
    People would respect you more if you just admit that you hate black athletes you racist SOB.

  17. sixers play well then completely change their style around bynum and regress into the abyss the Orlando Magic had with a better center and better players around that center.

  18. also very awesome to see how successful this blog is. the people that are bitching actually come back. holy shit your doing something right.

  19. Oh, and great job as always stacking those tweets on top of one another like that. It must have taken hours of hard work.

  20. @JamesR, If this post is racist then what is it when Kyle shits all over Babin and/or Ried time and time again? You sir are a fucktard. It’s just soooo easy to pull that card anymore, you don’t even have to make sense about it, just spew the nonsense. Your ass is wayyyy out of whack, just an FYI.

  21. @Your Mother,Kyle Scott doesn’t need your lips embedded on his backside buttmuncher,just because your precious Flyers are locked out doesn’t mean you and your butt buddy Kyle Scott have to be so negative towards the Sixers.

  22. Why doez Dei Lynam feel the need to use a z instead of an s as the plural of play in her Twitter postz? It doezn’t zhorten the postz and makez her seem ztupid.

  23. I think this is hilarious. Clearly Kyle’s sore from the lockout but who isn’t? The Flyers are bringing the next championship to Philly and that’s a fucking fact. Kyle, keep up the good work and rain hell on the “fans”. Doesn’t take much to get sand in your vagina when you’re shitting where you sleep.

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