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No excuse.

Fourth straight game not scoring until after the two-minute warning of the first half.

No sacks, again.

Three turnovers by Vick.

Negative 21 yards in overtime.

Negative 21 yards in overtime!

Negative 21 yards in overtime!!!!!


The Eagles have a running quarterback who can’t run because he’ll get hurt. A defense that can’t blitz because their coordinator is an offensive line coach. And a head coach and offensive coordinator who have no idea of time and situation. All those things, because of said head coach.

Fire Andy Reid.


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  1. Time to get Foles some plays so we know what we have heading into next season. This offense isn’t going to produce with the line they have. The defense doesn’t have any depth (see Colt Anderson and Brandon Hughes royally fucking up). We need to see what we have for the future and Jeff needs to start lining up potential replacements for Reid. It’s time to start over.

  2. Reid missed so many blocks today that gave Shady no room and Vick no time. Fire him immediately

  3. Sat at the bar @ Jackson Mt, Cape May..TV’s kept digitally freezing up..the bartender was a Giants fan and actually told the couple next to me, “I’m forced to watch the Eagles game” WTF ?
    Jeff Lurie: quit hoping for a 3sum and hire Bill Cowher or Bill Parcells…they cut the stupid players.

  4. Preach Kyle. The Reid apologists can come up with whatever excuses help them sleep at night but the bottom line is this: WE WILL NOT WIN A SUPERBOWL WITH REID AS OUR COACH. Guy’s been here for 14 years now & he still has not learned from his mistakes. For that matter they can ship Vick’s ass out of town too.

  5. If there was some sort of tangible strategy to how the Eagles ran their so-called offense in overtime, I clearly failed to see it. What the fuck? Deep drops by Mike Vick (who, by the way, was beat to shit by the Lions) in the shadow of the end zone? Seriously? What in the hell were Andy Reid and Marty Morninwheg thinking? Meanwhile, the defense leaked oil for a second straight week, unable to stop Megatron who went off in the second half to spur the Lions’ comeback. What’s more, how in blazes do you allow a team that got flagged for a whopping SIXTEEN penalties to come away with the win? Pathetic!

  6. While I agree that the players are not making the plays…the only consistent thing Reid has done is state week after week I have got to put the team in better position. Well for 14 years you still haven’t done it…the better position is to give Shady the ball…it wouldn’t have mattered if he had 43 yards on 26 carries…it would have run the clock…a play action pass on first down with 6 minutes to go is the wrong play…that’s just Vick running what Reid and Marty are calling. It’s time to fire him right now with 2 weeks and hire any body else who will run the ball. And get an actual defensive coordinator (that’s on Reid’s dumb ass too!)!

  7. I don’t, Ralph! Newsflash, Tom Brady couldn’t win with this bunch as long as Andy Reid is the head coach! PERIOD!

  8. Hahhahahahahahahahahahhahaahahhaahha @ Eagles fans Hahahahahhaha.
    No discipline, no pass rush & bad play calling done them in again Hahahaha
    Go yanks & giants= real teams

  9. I do Ralph.
    Best QB in Eagles history and it gets proven time and time again when Vick goes out there each week with more weapons that McNabb ever had and looks awful.

  10. Andy Reid didn’t miss blocks or turn the ball over or fail to pressure the quarterback. He just hired all the people responsible for doing those things for the 14th consecutive season.
    2004 was 8 years ago. Despite what irrational fans will say, it’s not Super Bowl or Bust and championships are not the only thing that matters. However, the thing that *does* matter is hope. Andy Reid’s accomplishments of the increasingly distant past do not provide the fanbase any hope any longer. We’re watching the same games we’ve been watching for more than five years now. It’s not out of the question that he could produce a playoff team that could have a run of luck, but that’s a mean selling point for a team.

  11. I’m very glad that we lost today in such shit fashion, one of these days Lurie will have to pull the trigger on Mr. Ihavetodoabetterjob. I miss cheering for the Eagles…
    Also lol at the “we’ll never win the superbowl with Andy” comment. No shit.

  12. “Kyles Dad” is butthurt because his Nationals FUCKING BLEW IT!
    Eagles shit the bed, but their collapse was nowhere near as bad as the Nats lololololol

  13. McNabb fixated too long on his primary reciever = missing the open man.
    Throw Foles to the wolves like the 90s Cowboys did with Aikmann.
    see how Vick hit Maclin in stride ?
    should be like that all the time.

  14. Foles becomes the starter when the Eagles at mathematically eliminated from the playoff picture. Reid stays on to “mentor” Foles, Vick gets cut.
    With that being said: Fire Andy Reid.

  15. This team is a tick’s dick away from being 0-6…they are what they are. Defense can’t make a stop on a meaningful drive, offensive line leaks like a screen door on a submarine, and Vick’s flaws get exposed by opposing defenses every week.

  16. @Dallas you dummy, it’s when you let the defensive end run by you, even though you are 6’10 and 350 lbs.

  17. What is so fitting about this game and Vick’s performance specifically was that the Lions had no interceptions before this game and two forced fumbles. Vick more than doubled their defenses turnovers for the year. Totally worth the 80 mill.

  18. Anyone else having trouble getting excited prior to Eagles games now? It’s like we know what’s going to happen before the game.
    How bout the people of this site get out and support a team on the rise this weekend..the TEMPLE OWLS!! 2-0 in the Big East against nationally ranked Rutgers.
    Saturday..Noon..Lincoln Financial.
    Be there to experience college football back in PHILADELPHIA.

  19. @Donovan lol u just told me that you thought a snap count was how many bowls of rice crispies you ate.

  20. Reid talks about not putting his guys in the right goddamn position and his constant need to “do a better job”, yet for the third week in a row, we’ve let a top tier QB have the ball in the final minute with a chance to come back on us. Giving the ball in the end of the game to three QBs with a combined 4 superbowl rings and Megatron between them is not how you win a fuckin game. And the games we have won were a fucking heartbeat away from being losses. We got lucky as shit with the giants fucking up the field goals, and we were a questionable call and a dropped Vick interception away from losing to the Ravens and Browns. This is the same fucking team as last year and the same shit is slowly coming back to haunt us as last year: A turnover prone QB that gets exposed every week, a head coach that makes decisions a JV high school coach wouldn’t dream of making, and an undersized defense that’s stealing our money instead of the ball and plays down to the horseshit level of coaching Juan Castillo provides.

  21. For 14 years we’ve waited for him to “…put players in position to succeed.”
    Well, guess what, Reid? You continue to FAIL at that, other coaches would have been gone long ago. Jim Johnson bailed you out early in your career with a stout defense, and then you were bailed out with a potent offense that succeeded against lesser teams when clock management wouldn’t be an issue. Now you have good talent with less than mediocre game plans, move over make way for new blood.

  22. all i am going to say is this…..monday mornings become a lot easier to handle when you expect to see the bullshit that sunday afternoons provide with this team. such an approach spares me the day after heartache and head scratching, but it removes the excitement prior to and during game day itself. consequently, i am no longer pumped on sundays and why should i be…i know the L is coming well before it happens. so, why cant the coach see it?

  23. Who expected a fucking Walrus to win games? Not this Bitch, that’s for muthafuckin’ sure.

  24. Amen Steve Addazio…
    Everyone should come out to the Linc Saturday at noon to watch a Philadelphia football team that won’t roll over and die… The Temple University Owls!!!!
    Also, you’d be seeing one of the best RB’s in college football: Montel Harris

  25. Do any of you really trust Lurie and the boys to go spend big money on a Gruden/Billick type? It aint happenin. they’ll do just what they did in 1999. Find some hard workin’ up and comer with potential that they can pay pennies. Until Jeff Laurie makes winning a Super Bowl the priority over turning profits (or sells the team), this team isn’t winning shit.

  26. Can’t stand the eagles. I need a new team to root for. I’m thinking Baltimore, will be my new team

  27. It’s sad that I had the same amout of tackles as Trent Cole yesterday, that’s right zero. Cole needs to focus less on banging white A listers in Avalon and concentrate more on playing football. How could the “best D line in football” not have one sack in 3 games????? Not even a QB fall down where they just touch him??? Reggie and Jerome are rolling over in their graves.

  28. @Arthur from North Jersey, how are your Yanks looking now? How is Jeter’s ankle? How is that A Rod contract looking? Why can’t Yankee fans fill their own stadium for an ALCS game? If the Yankees (thanks to my man Raul) come bank in the bottom of the 9th but no one is there to see it, did it really happen? Pathetic!!!

  29. Trent is playing like he’s still relaxing on an Avalon Beach with that tall goofy kid & his GF

  30. Steve Addazio is right….
    The clutch home team at the Linc, that makes plays late in the game, wears Cherry and White
    Best football game at Linc this year will be this Saturday
    [email protected]

  31. eagles beat themselves again yesterday, typical Reid.
    This HC has to go….enough already….this city and fan base deserves so much more…

  32. @Frank, That fucking piss poor excuse for a muthafuckin’ Coach is the biggest reason these sorry ass muthafuckers can’t win. This Bitch is pissed! Fucking Walrus ass looking douchenozzle muthafucker. I need a drink son!! Bring your bitch ass mother some Jack!

  33. I wonder what the over/under will be on how many times Andy Reid mutters “I have to do a better job” at his press conference today? I’ll set the bar at ten, and that could well be a conservative estimate. I won’t be listening of course, I stopped that torture almost a decade ago, proof positive that it’s well past time for the Walrus to go.

  34. Im glad I do yardwork on Sundays this year. I knew this team was another overhyped, all finesse, no balls, waste of time.

  35. Sorry Steve, this is Philadelphia. Unless you are one of the dozen fans who attends Temple games, no one cares about college football here.

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