BREAKING: Juan Castillo Fired

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As first reported by CSN’s Reuben Frank, Juan Castillo, the offensive line coach turned defensive coordinator, has been fired. He’ll be replaced with Todd Bowles.

Andy Reid and the Eagles quickly released a statement:

"We’re six games into the season and average isn’t good enough. I know the potential of our team and insist on maximizing it.”


Bowles is in his first year with the Eagles, as the secondary coach. He played with the 49ers and Redskins (twice). He was mostly recently with the Dolphins as their secondary coach and assistant head coach, and was briefly named their interim head coach in December, 2011. He’s also coached with the Jets, Browns and Cowboys, and, before that, was the defensive coordinator and secondary coach at Morehouse College and defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach at Grambling State.

Castillo’s defensive coaching experience was almost nonexistent.  As noted by Eagles beat reporter Matt Lombardo, Castillo’s defenses blew eight fourth quarter leads in 22 games with the Eagles.

Of course, you can’t totally blame Castillo. He was a lousy defensive coordinator, but he was put in a position to fail by Reid. Plus, the defense was probably the least of the Eagles’ problems this year. Michael Vick can’t stop giving the football to the other team, the offense doesn’t show up until the end of the second quarter, the best running back in the league doesn’t run the ball enough, and the same goofball head coach makes the same goofball mistakes he’s been making since I was a sophomore in high school. I’m 29 now.

Reid firing Castillo is essentially him admitting a mistake. At the time of Castillo’s announcement as defensive coordinator, many assumed the move would define Reid, either make or break him. It broke him, for sure, but it looks like he’ll be given 10 games to redeem himself. If not, we can assume that Andy will join Juan in the unemployment line in January.

The Eagles will hold a press conference at noon.

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38 Responses

  1. Yeah, it had nothing to do with the stupid play-calling on offense, huh?
    Reid needs to go. Period.

  2. This had to be the plan all along. Bowles wasn’t brought here to be DB coach. He had to be promised DC position.

  3. ok, so simply fire the person who was put in a position to fail and then tell us problem is fixed by doing so? how about firing the jackass who put the person in position to fail! how is reid not held accountable here? again, another free pass by lurie, which validates my belief that the only way reid is gone is thru his own resignation! the misery resulting from inevitable failure once again continues!

  4. I’m fine with firing Castillo. He is outmatched out there. He can’t adjust on the fly and he can’t call a game well at all. He has barely used Nnamdi right since we signed him. That said…
    Either Marty needs to go next or Andy needs to take the playcalling duties away from him.

  5. pick a headline
    Andy Pleads Guilty to Horrible Hiring Decision
    Andy Blames Defense for Eagles Record
    Andy Has 10 games left in Philadelphia

    The shit show is almost over baby !
    Next up Mike
    Followed by the rest of this shit staff
    ** In all truth Juan was never given the opportunity to really run this D or succeed. Fuck the wide 9, told you from the jump
    Beez Nutz

  7. I might put a call into Juan & hire him to rake my leafs. A little fall cleanup job

  8. @ Candy, STFU CVNT!
    There, got that out. Everyone chill, Andy is gone this season right alongside Mike Vick barring a superbowl win. Which we all know at this point is NOT GOING TO BE POSSIBLE. So long to the dumb muthafuckin’ walrus muthafucker! I appreciate the effort Andy but you just couldn’t get it done now could you?

  9. @candy from oak, with each and every post of yours, you clearly demonstrate three things to us. first, you are of very limited intelligence. secondly, you lack the ability to produce anything comical or entertaining. third, you have zero class.

  10. Did I ask too much?
    More than a lot.
    You gave me nothing,
    Now it’s all I got
    We’re Juan
    But we’re not the same
    Well we
    Hurt each other
    Then we do it again
    You say
    Love is a temple
    Love a higher law
    Love is a temple
    Love the higher law
    You ask me to enter
    But then you make me crawl
    And I can’t be holding on
    To what you got
    When all you got is hurt
    Juan love
    Juan blood
    Juan life
    You got to do what you should
    Juan life
    With each other
    Juan life
    But we’re not the same
    We get to
    Carry each other
    Carry each other

  11. Now now KD, Candy got his ass deservedly pummeled every week in high school. How else is he going to lash out at the world but with lame predictable unfunny quips from a keyboard? You expected something better?

  12. i feel bad for tito sanatana(juan castillo) he was a sh*tty d-cord and tag team wrestler. That said this is not his fault Mayor McCheese(Andy Reid) hired him thinking it would be a good idea to move a o-line coach to the defensive side of the ball…wrong again big guy… the only thing that scares me is that from all accounts todd bowels is a very good defensive mind and this could fix the other side of the ball and save Mayor Mcheese job….

  13. If I let my 11-year old drive my car and he wrecks – who do the cops blame?
    My son has as much driving experience as Castillo had coaching defense when Andy put him in charge
    but if Andy hired a qualified DC, they would be making him head coach today

  14. I actually enjoy observing this shit show unfold. I love it. The more the fans froath at the mouth, the better the entertainment. Between this asthmatic sea mammal head coach, the effeminate group of wide recievers (Avant might be the only one who doesn’t get visited by Aunt Flow monthly), the dog whispering reincarnate of Allen Iverson at QB, and the cave-aged swiss cheese offensive line that’s more porous than pumice – it just keeps getting better week after week.
    I do truly feel bad for Shady, his prime years are being wasted on this crap squad of a football team. Jim Johnson is probably punching angels in heaven.

  15. Now see Kyle ?
    this is ENTERTAINMENT.
    Here come all the armchair, sofa and monday mornin QBs opinions….
    “Jim Johnson is probably punching angels in heaven.”
    – Phil McBust
    Tru dat.

  16. While I’m glad the Juan Castillo Error is finally over since he NEVER should’ve been made defensive coordinator in the first place, it’s plainly obvious he was made a scapegoat by Reid who’s desperate to keep his job, and who knows what other dominoes are primed to fall next. How about kicking Howard Mudd out the door next since his players on the offensive line all stink like week old diapers, hell, while we’re at it, might as well boot Jim Washburn as his charges aren’t covering themselves with glory since Cole, Babin, Jenkins and company can’t get pressure on a high school team. Sadly, the one change we all want, Reid’s firing won’t happen until after the season ends and the team has crashed and burned yet again.

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