Comcast Would Like to Offer You This Free Preview of “Center Ice” for the Start of the Hockey Season, and Other Morning Nonsense

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Thanks, Comcast.

A very brief and nonsensical roundup as I slowly ramp up following last night’s quizzo at Drinker’s Tavern. Congrats to Pup-N-Suds on their victory:

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– Was Bryce Harper a douchebag last night? He was.

Just hours after the Nationals became the first team in Major League Baseball history to lose two consecutive playoff games by eight runs or more, Harper was angrily tweeting about his lacklu… oh, no, he was tweeting about the A&E show Duck Dynasty, which chronicles “the lives of the Robertson family, which went from poverty to being wealthy due to the sales of their duck calls, primarily the Duck Commander.” 

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Truly fascinating. 

But, we have more Bryce news. The folks over at Busted Coverage have uncovered his girlfriend, a sophomore soccer player at BYU. Behold:

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They have all the pictures you need here

– Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie gives some insight into how he will defend Calvin Johnson on Sunday: [Philly Mag]

“He is 4.38. Everybody else 4.5 or plus,” said Rodgers-Cromartie.

“For 4.5 and plus, I say in my head I’m going to beat you with my feet. I’m not really going to put my hands on you and try to slow you down because I know I’m quick enough to react. A guy like Calvin Johnson, I want to try to disrupt him, get up there put my hands on him and slow him down, not let him get going.” 


That’s good that DRC will be on him, because Nnamdi would hand check Megatron, fall down, and then be caught out of position because he couldn’t stick a sloth coming off the line.

John Gonzalez on how the Eagles plan on containing Johnson.

– We didn’t get to this, but the folks at The School Philly summed up Andre Iguodala’s whining about not being able to shoot threes in Philly: “Bro, you’re not a shooter. Get over yourself!”

– Be sure to stop by LeSean McCoy’s weekly Eagles after party will be Sunday night at Industry XIX. Or don’t. Whichever.

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  1. Nice magical horsey sweater on the bad dye job blonde, she raided Gammies closet, not nice. Dude on the right could show movies on that forehead start the rogaine now cuz, props for rocking the time piece though…nice to see a young white man sporting a time piece. Overall i agree with JC. Fuck those hipsters.

  2. Bryce Harper doesn’t play for us…. i’m done with “coverage” of Bryce in any way shape or form.

  3. Mark Zuckerberg was at Drinkers Tavern with his geeky friend? Damn, I wish that someone gave me a heads up.

  4. Pretty sure that is a toothpick Brycey is holding in his right hand. Do people still do that, walk around chewing toothpicks?

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