Domonic Brown Visits Woman Dying of Cancer

Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 1.55.09 PM
Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 1.55.40 PM
Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 1.55.40 PM

Dom Brown just earned himself two months of exemptions from me.

On his Facebook, Brown posted this picture of himself and an older woman. She is dying of cancer and her last wish was to meet Brown, according to Brown.

Not much else to say, but this is the second straight Friday where we’ve posted something that probably made you cry.


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  1. @Matt Refice: I somewhat agree with you, but I think he more or less put the picture up to show her family that he took the meeting seriously instead of just stopping by. God forbid it was your grandmother, you’d be honored if he boasted about meeting her…I think (or at least hope to think) that he did it for that reason more so than patting himself on the back.

  2. Good for you Dom Brown. It’s refreshing to see athletes using their status for a worthy cause. Call me a sap if you will, but I think this is great.
    @Matt Refice, pretty cynical look at the situation. I guess it’s pathetic to feel proud about doing something positive for someone else. Regardless of the PR that will be received your view is a tad acrimonious. I suppose any athlete/celebrity who participates in Make-A-Wish is also using those kids for good PR. Last time I check Dom Brown isn’t exactly Derek Jeter or John Cena, so I doubt he gets many reuests like this one.
    I’m curious as to why something like this would bother you. I guess people are just incapable of ever doing something honest, especially if it is for another member of the human race. Sounds like you need a visit from the Care Bears.

  3. Cool story, but seriously, I think the more you use Facebook the dumber you are. Fact. You are = you’re not your. As in you’re retarded if you spell it your, tho i kno da englesh langwedge iz reel tuff to figur out, lolz

  4. This is actually my grandmother. I am honored he posted this photo. He was such a kind and genuine man. This had nothing to do with pr, just a good man doing a nice thing for a woman who truly deserved it. This made her so happy and I was so glad to have witnessed it. Thank you, Domonic, this meant so much to her.

  5. I am also her granddaughter – our family rearranged our work schedules to see this happen. She has always rooted for Domonic Brown and really wanted to meet him. He was wonderful and so kind to her and our whole family. I was so happy to see this happen, it is a memory I will keep with me forever.

  6. great story! i would imagine it had to be an honor for brown too being that her dying wish was to meet him. glad he made himself available to fulfill her dying wish. she looks so happy in the pic and was probably a rare time she felt little pain in the last few months and in doing so, it gave her family a chance to smile with her. a total classy move by brown. meanwhile, a move lacking class would the post by frank sobotka.

  7. Dom did a good thing. Thanks to the granddaughters for speaking up. The relentless, cynical, negadelphianism gets tiring sometimes – even for a relentlessly cynical negadelphian.

  8. Thank you to those who posted nice posts. This is her son. The family can’t thank Domonic enough for the joy he brought to my Mom and the rest of us.

  9. Thanks so much to Domonic Brown, and Keystone Hospice for making this happen. I hope all families get to have a day like this one. We appreciated the visit so much. Our mom had a great day. Thank you.

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