Donovan McNabb was on the Radio Today and, Four Years After Being Benched, Still Feels Like He was Made a Scapegoat by the Eagles

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Donovan McNabb, his passive aggressiveness, and perhaps his oversized suits were a guest on 97.5 The Fanatic this afternoon. Speaking to Jon Marks and Brian Westbrook, McNabb was asked about the possibility of the Eagles benching Michael Vick in favor of Nick Foles and his beautiful, surfer hair. McNabb doesn’t think that’s a good idea, because Vick, he says, gives the Eagles a better chance to win (I agree). 

Marks asked McNabb to relate the mini quarterback controversy to the time he was benched for an unproven white guy who had virtually no NFL experience and really wasn’t that talented. Predictably, McNabb went all McNabb. Sampling of quotes:

“At that time, we were 5-5-1. Obviously, I was a scapegoat in that situation. Offensively we weren’t moving the ball as well as we wanted to, at times.”

“When that situation happened, everyone understood they had to be on alert. Because they sat me, everyone else began to fall in place. On the defensive side, we weren’t creating turnovers, we weren’t getting to the quarterback as well as we needed to. So now everyone got together and understood their roles.”

“I played pissed off the rest of the year. I heard different things leading up to that. After that, I played pissed off all the way through.” 

“I was pissed off at everybody.”

“There were leaks leading up into that week that you might see a little bit of Kevin Kolb, or whatever it may have been. And that only comes from in-house, only comes from upstairs. So the way that the whole situation was handled, I thought was truly unprofessional. And we talked about it after the season. I sat down with the [heads to be?] and we ironed out things for the time being.”


Poor me routine? Check. Deflect (this time to defense)? Check. Drawing inspiration from manufactured wronging? Check. Blame front office? Check. End with a passive aggressive swipe about things temporarily being ironed out but making sure people know it was only temporarily and you still have some moody rage built up inside? That’s a Former Five!

He ended the interview with this exchange with Westbrook. Because McNabb can totally still play and everything:

McNabb: “Hey, look like we can still get out there and play by the way things are looking now.”

Westbrook: “Hey we might have a chance. I still have five good plays in me.”

McNabb: “I can move the ball around. But that running? We’ll see.”


Listen to the interview here.


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  1. I’ll stop him when he’s lying. I’m still bitter than Cunningham was the scapegoat in the mid 90’s. The defense doesn’t do dick and we can’t move the ball, we throw in Rodney Peete and we win 13-7…yeah, he was our savior.

  2. I can’t. I just can’t anymore. The man thinks he’s the greatest player ever to suit up and wants all the glory but none of the blame when things go wrong. What a jackass

  3. Brian, I’ll be the greatest player to ever unsuit you, if you know what i mean…

  4. it’s football in Philly – ALWAYS the quarterback’s fault
    hockey in Philly – ALWAYS the goalie’s fault

  5. Getting caught Whacking off. I blame myself for not locking the door and wearing headphones

  6. I never got the got the McNabb resentment. Dude took the Birds to 5 conf championships and a Super Bowl. With awful wide outs. But we all love Jeff Garcia cause he beat the Cowboys in the regular season. The fan base is so ass backwards its not even funny.

  7. There’s no reason to care about that shit anymore it was 4 years ago, but I’ll say this right now:
    If McNabb plays in that second half, the Eagles probably win that game. It was 10-6 at halftime.
    The way Vick has looked all year, I’d take 5uperfive back in a fuckin’ heartbeat. I said all off-season we should sign him as a backup anyway. Stupid

  8. Bash Juan for not being pissed and talkin shit
    Bash McNabb for being pissed and talkin shit
    You’re a real douche man … You belong with the 610 fags
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  9. 4 years ago it looked like Donovan was the problem. Now after watching Vick’s 2012 season it’s clear Donovan wasn’t as bad as people made him out to be. He threw at people’s feet, but that’s better than the 3 turnovers a game Vick is averaging.

  10. I’m still upset he threw up in the Super Bowl & give me a lousy tip when I was his waitress years ago

  11. Look no different than when Jaworski’s days were numbered. Everybody hated him and wanted him off the team and Cunningham to start.
    It took 10 years for the Philly fans to fall back in love with Jaws. Now everybody talks about how great Jaws was. The only thing I remember about him is that he would take a beating and get back up, back in the huddle, and blood coming out of his nose call the next play. I’m talking about Ron and not Donovan.
    Time heals all.

  12. And this qualifies as a surprise in what way? McNabb still has his boxers in a bunch over draft day back in 1999, so it’s no shock he thinks of himself as a scapegoat. The more things change, the more things stay the same with Donnie Drama.

  13. McNabb couldn’t score in the red zone
    McNabb burned timeouts
    McNabb couldn’t manage a clock
    3 years later, shit’s the same here

  14. McNabb had some great years in Philly. Unfortunately he could not rise to the occassion in the biggest of games. Its an embarassment that we did not win a SuperBowl.
    The McNabb era is over .. and we must move on. The fact that the Philly media is now going to jam McNabb down our throat is annoying.
    He is bitter about his time in Philly especially how it ended. He still thinks he can play and did not want to retire. On top of this, he has never been Mr. Personality.

  15. @ Sean, why do you think? Cause we’re such bad fans & can’t stand the guy for no reason?
    I personally like Donovan but he can be an annoying twat at times, like for example, in this interview above. But most people dislike him more so I think because he was goofy & made excuses, & never took the blame for losses, but was ok getting the praise when we won. On top of that, he still denies throwing up in the huddle in the Super Bowl, when what, 3-4 Eagles saw him do it? Not to mention his fucking retarded ass shit he pulled at Texas Stadium vs. the Cowboys in the playoffs with the scaring the fans & playing the air guitar, real embarrassing.

  16. What is it with you miserable Philadelphians and your obsession with McNabb.
    Your lives are so shitty that you try to build yourselves up by constantly putting him down,and why would McNabb go back to that shithole is beyond me.

  17. Best quarterback ever to play in this town hands down and the asshole Eagles fans to this day bend over backwards to make him feel like shit.
    This site’s obsession with him is just pandering to WIP and their psychotic obsession with trashing the man.
    Why he loved this town and wants to be part of it boggles my mind.
    Enjoy Mike Vick and his 2 rnovers a game and .500 record, Eagles fans. You deserve each other.

  18. I don’t get it with the hate for #5, look at the shit they have playing under center now.
    Idiots that probably listen to wip morning show & mike miss

  19. He was specifically asked to compare what Michael Vick is going through to when he was benched in Baltimore. He was asked the question and he answered it. Its not like he brought it up himself.

  20. Why are so many in Philadephia obsessed over what this guy says? What a bunch of stupid, drunk fans we have here.

  21. McNabb gave us some fun years. Was clearly a big part of winning a lot of games, clearly a big part of not winning it all.
    Way too soon to be back in our faces as an analyst, they should have waited another 3-4 years and most folks would have been OK with it. Plus, he says nothing we don’t already know, offers no insight that’s not plainly obvious. That doesn’t help his cause.

  22. Joe Montana never stayed pissed.
    ” I can’t believe he missed the open guy ”
    – Brad Childress to Andy Reid
    NFC game vs Tampa Bay

  23. It’s this easy to be a Philadelphia sports media outlet:
    1) listen to what Donovan McNabb says and then take his comments out of context
    2) twist them into something self-serving for Donovan.
    3) Point the finger at him for “not getting it”

  24. Dynasty’s all have one thing in common- great skilled players at almost every position.
    QB’s must be intelligent. not relying entirely on athleticism.
    ( Cunningham, Mcnabb, Vick )
    …and i’m not a racist.
    Doug Williams lit up John Elways Broncos for 4 TD’s in the SB.

  25. My God, who is that dark man? Id take his cock up the old hooptydoo anyday. Maybe make him sum fresh empanadas. Secret sauce 😉

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