“EatDatPussy” Gives His Long-Awaited Thoughts on Eagles-Giants

Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 9.48.27 AMPic via (@Root_em_in)

Credit to Maurice and the guys from Barstool for flying the Pussy across country (he’s from California) to watch the Eagles-Giants game at Xfinity Live!, which was "on and fucking poppin'," according to EDP. It was, apparently, the first time he was ever on an airplane or left the state of California.

Last night, EDP made it back to his bunker, where he gave his long-awaited thoughts on the game. An excerpt: Andy Reid, you motherfucker, you finally ran that bitch.

Yeah, maybe you should just hop it over the jump for the video. He’s ecstatic over his trip and the win… yet somehow still seems angry.

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34 Responses

  1. I’m the “RUN THE BALL ANDY” guy….maybe i should copyright that….t shirts koozies keychains cofffe mugs mousepads lol

  2. Liked him until I found out he never left Cali. We all would hate a huge 49ers fan that lived in Philly his whole life. Therefore, he is not welcomed!! It sucks because I liked him before I knew this info.

  3. Candy, I took care of his big black ass after he bought me a shot of Tequila. Even though he had a little pinky in his pants it was still well worth it.

  4. EDP travels across country & he can’t even get a tix into the linc?!?! Reminds me of Rudy outside of Notre Dame Stadium stadium running around trying to get in

  5. Boat shoes makes it even more homo. What is he, Jimmy Buffet? It doesn’t change the fact his shorts are pink.

  6. Kyle would have flown him out but then the airline told him he would have to buy two seats for his big ass…

  7. EDP is from California?!?! Ah, Christ…
    Today is a day of sadness and regret, fellow Philadelphians. It’s the day that internet-obsessed Eagles fans will come to realize that their pride and joy was indeed a fraud. I, for one, will miss what we thought you were, EDP, a poor, fat, African-American, twenty-something from North Philadelphia with wit and fandom that was only rivaled by your anger and ethnic charm. It is with a heavy heart that we move on in hopes that somewhere out there is a true and valid YouTube sensation to rant irrationally about our team’s shortcomings. Good luck in your future endeavors, Eat Dat Pussy, and thank you for the memories.
    Would someone please get that man an Antonio Gates jersey in an XXX(X?)L for his troubles?

  8. 3 fat out-of-shape guys who probably don’t make bank or have any clout. Not much p@ssy-eating for these 3 guys.

  9. Kyle has to “make it right” & fly that fat mother fucker out for the next prime time game with tix

  10. @ Reality Check -Coming from a guy who is in shape and does make money it seems funny that you take the time to comment on this. You clearly could have used this time loosing your virginity but instead you live with you mother and probably haven’t seen your penis since you were young. #40yearoldvirgin

  11. kirk – I can see my penis just fine while standing up & make a decent paycheck but thanks for the concern.

  12. you’ve all clearly never been to Cali. They don’t have football teams, just futball teams. They dont care. If the ball isn’t round then they don’t give a shit.
    So many people in the city and they can’t keep a team in LA, about to leave Oakland, and have some of the worst stadiums in the league.

  13. the dude with the pink shorts would like me to inform you that they are boat shoes, not moccasins. continue.
    Posted by: Kyle Scott | October 02, 2012 at 11:10 AM
    Let me reprahse. What kind of dick wad wears pink shorts and boat shoes with a Brian Dawkins jersey on?

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