Florio: Michael Vick May Be Next

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 12.27.04 PMIt's not if you start… it's if you finish?

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio believes that Michael Vick may be next to lose his job, and it could happen sooner than we think. Citing no sources, but implying that he knows more than he can say, Florio thinks that Nick Foles is the object of Reid’s desires. Football wise, at least. 

The handwriting on the wall has become an engraving in the form of a middle finger to the man who secured the job after Reid fell out of love with Donovan McNabb and then out of lust with Kevin Kolb.  The new object of Reid’s affection is Foles, and it’s only a matter of time before Foles is flinging it.

Consider the evidence.  With rampant reports and speculation regarding the team dumping Vick after the next Super Bowl to avoid guaranteeing $3 million of a $15.5 million salary in 2013, the Eagles have said nothing publicly — and they’ve done nothing privately to push a message of support for Vick.  Then, Reid once again dropped a strong hint that Vick is in trouble with that “today, I am” response to the question of whether the head coach remains committed to the quarterback.


Love. Lust. Flinging. I'm turned on. Or just threw up a little.

I, too, have a feeling that Foles, whose name is also spelled K-E-V-I-N-K-O-L-B and pronounced not so athletic white guy with almost no track record is tapped as heir apparent, will see time this season. But really, is he the answer? No, he's not.

The ship is sinking, baby.

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42 Responses

  1. stop talking like you know anything about football. because kolb and foles are both white they are the same? get a grip

  2. why not play Foles????look at all the Rookie QB’s this yr playing & doing well.
    * Stop by the Taggart House for daily drink and app specials

  3. if you watched reid talk with stupid spadaro, nothing sounded like vick is going anywhere… he has the rest of this year and I’d say next as well
    these reports are stupid

  4. Foles is big as shit, probably can take more hits then Vick and keep getting up and has a decent arm from what I seen.

  5. Kyle, I usually support you but how the fuck are yu going to say Nick Foles = Kevin Kolb? The only thing Foles have ever done is impress and anyone with two eyes can see Foles has a shit-ton more upside than Kolb.

  6. Traditional heir apparents have no track record usually i agree with kyle but today u sounds morr retarded then helen keller at american idol…vick blows cya bye

  7. Lets play this game.
    all of you fuckheads called for kevin kolb every game he was on the bench, you called for him everytime mcnabb threw an incompletion. Now all of you realize he is a piece of shit
    you fuckheads also called for manuels head in 07 and 08, said there was no way they would win anything without getting a right handed bat in 08, and they won a WS.
    shutup and let people that know what they are talking about make decisions.

  8. Andy Reid: “I am the eggman, they are the eggmen. I am the Walrus, goo goo g’joob. By the way, you’re fired.”
    Jaun and Mike look at each other puzzled.
    [Jim Johnson curb stomps another angel in heaven]

  9. At this point it seems Reid is doing anything he can to make sure he comes back next year. It wouldnt surprise me if Foles wins a few games to end the season and they end up 8-8. Andy could be back if Foles wins a couple useless games at the end… Thats just the reality. But I hope they fire his Ass soon

  10. @whats that? … “shut up and let people that know what they are talking about make decisions.”. You mean like Andy Reid? Clearly the higher ups don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

  11. yes, him… if he listened to you idiots this team would be awful every year.
    FIRE EVERYONE !!! who will coach this team then ?? who ? what college coach / old useless coordinator will come in and fix this mess ?
    BRING IN FOLES !!! yeah put him behind an offensive like that nearly gets vick murdered every week, that will go swimmingly.
    those 2 ideas sound great…. Lets all call for everyones head EVERY SINGLE YEAR BEFORE THE BYE, have you watched the eagles ever ??? have you not noticed how much better they are after the bye every season ? they got rid of the guy everyone has been asking to go for 20 games and people still bitch.
    jesus christ bitch 3 weeks after the bye, not on the bye.

  12. Just leave him be until his neck gets broken. Which should be within the next few games with the way the line is playing.

  13. Rothlisberger won a SB with that fade pass to the corner of the endzone.
    McNabb and Vick can’t make that throw.
    Great QB’s hit the receiver IN STRIDE.
    “Christina Lurie hires Juan Castillo as poolboy and gardener”
    – KYLETV News at 11

  14. I will eat a dick, if everyone stopped calling for everyones head everytime someone loses a game.
    if they didnt turn the ball over 3 times a game, and got more than 0 sacks the last 3 weeks they would be 5-1.
    why is that a reason to fire every coach ? and bring in a rookie qb to play behind a pee-wee o-line ???

  15. Comparing Foles & Kolb is the dumbest thing you’ve written in a while, Kyle. Oh that’s right he’s a “slow white guy”. Where’s the Foles = Wigginton/Nix/Bruntlet article?

  16. I never saw anything in Kolb, and grant it, it was only a few pre-season games, but I at least see potential in Foles. Also he seems a gabillion times smarter that Vick.

  17. this is bullshit. Vick has done a great job so far considering his crappy pass protection and shitty play calling. hes not a 40+ pass attempt quarter back. Run the damn football!

  18. During the McNabb era Jeff Garcia ran the offense better than #5.
    But as Hugh Douglas said ” Jeff Garcia is no longer in Philadelphia because of the ego of one man”

  19. While the Eagles’ offensive line IS struggling with a couple new faces, it is not the worst in the league. The coach needs to realize that with so many changes on the line, he can help them out by running the ball. Ask anyone who knows something about playing on the line; run blocking is far easier than pass protection.
    We also happen to have one of the leagues best running backs. It’s not like he’s a bad option.

  20. Honestly who the hell cares who is QB? Reid is the eye of this shit hurricane and probably could have made Elway or Marino look like scrubs with his and his staff’s gameday decisions. If Foles is something worth keeping, for the love of god please let him start with another head coach…

  21. Foles is an accurate pocket passer, which is what this team needs. He doesn’t need to be a savior, just have the ability to take a 3 to 5 step drop and deliver the ball. He did it all pre-season. Yes, I know it was pre-season, but it beats not getting it done in pre-season. WAY too early to judge Foles one way or another. The parallel to Kolb is just lazy writing.

  22. Pedersen or McNabb
    McNabb or Garcia
    McNabb or Kolb
    Kolb or Vick
    Vick or Foles
    If QB controversies were Superbowl wins we’d be awesome.

  23. If Foles is the QB, Reid & MM will call more run plays.
    Also, Foles won’t be back there holding onto the ball forever – he’ll just try to run the offense.
    It’s a win-win. (Although I’d much sooner keep Vick than Reid.)

  24. Pfft! Vick would be just another scapegoat for Reid who’ll throw his wife under the nearest Greyhound to keep his job. As for Vick, I don’t like the guy, never have, but he’s in an untenable position, I mean, has anyone watched our offensive line lately? Tom Brady couldn’t win shit or stay in one piece lining up behind those worthless slugs, so what makes anyone think greenhorn Nick Foles can succeed?

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