Get Nationals Postseason Tickets on Groupon (!!!)


I can. I feel it right in my balls… perhaps because watching the MLB Playoffs this year is about as pleasant as getting molested by a big-dicked goat. 

But I still feel it. 

I’m not sure the folks in D.C. do, however. 

D.C. Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg tweets that the Nationals-Cardinals game received (achieved?) an 8.29 rating in D.C yesterday. That’s compared to the Redskins’ 25.44 rating. To put it all in perspective, a Phillies-Cardinals NLDS game last year, also on TBS, also on a football Sunday, got a 21.9 rating, while the Eagles slightly edged them that day with a 27.5 rating.

But I don’t care about the ratings. Football rules TV, and it always will. What I enjoy is this Groupon, for Nats playoff tickets:

Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 12.30.14 PM

Hilar. It should be noted, though, that these are all on suite tickets– which tells me that the Nats are having trouble selling their premium allotment, not necessarily regular tickets. The seats aren’t discounted either. Rather, it appears the Nats are just using Groupon as a distribution channel. But since Groupon generally takes about 50% of the sale, it’s obvious the team needs some help selling their inventory.

Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 12.30.57 PM

Anyway, a cool $375 will get you a sweet suite ticket for a Nationals-Cardinals NLDS game. The Nats lead that series, 1-0. And my grapes are of the sour variety.


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  1. it’s been said about a thousand times on here that the nationals are only 8 years old and still have to win over the DC fanbase which is traditionally for the Orioles.  If Philadelphia added another baseball team, it would take a long time for that team to catch on.  You know this, yet you post just because you have nothing else to post.   And this latest one proves no point as you yourself have said that suite tickets are not for the true fans.  Can you actually post something useful and realize that your strategy of 20 nonsensical posts per day in order to get page views will lead to your demise. 

  2. Are you organizing another retarded “takeover” next year … it didnt make you look stooopid or nothing

  3. Or rather Philadelphia lost its other baseball team due to the fact we couldn’t support two. Just like how DC and Baltimore can’t support two and decidedly doesn’t deserve the nationals if they’re not going to support their team. Use that argument for the Colorado Rockies who’s record for most fans in its first few years as a franchise still stands. And a dismal period in Rockies history they can still outshine the nationals in fans even in a playoff bid.

  4. Worst series ever as a Phillies fan, I dont like the Cards for last year, and I dont ever like the Nats……can we somehow have both lose?

  5. You’re the one with the bad Natitude. Who gives a shit how many people attend the games or watch?
    Their team achieved. Our team did not. What did having the best attendance in MLB do for the Phils?
    GET OVER IT. Enough Nat bashing already – you’ve been beating this drum for two full years now.
    Like Frank said, it’s an Oriole area. Also, the DC area has had teams come and go in the past, maybe the fans don’t want to latch on and get burned AGAIN!
    The Nats play like the 07/08 Phils – with BALLS !!!
    Go NATS !!!

  6. Kyle, i’m a homegrown 4-for-4 guy, but you’re on your own in cracking on the Nats and their fans at this point. Really, making fun of a playoff team (while we’re at home) is like making fun of a fat person exercising…somebody might find it humorous, but I won’t go there

  7. I blame Kyle’s gay ass “Takeover” for the Phillies poor performance this season. The baseball gods don’t take kindly to that kind of shit.

  8. Hey man, where can I get a Phillies NLDS ticket? I looked on, stubhub and even this groupon thing. Nothing…
    How come I can’t get any Phillies tix???
    Guess the Nats will outdraw the Phillies when it matters… October!

  9. @Natsfan. OMG You all made it to the playoffs!!! Congrats. Come talk to me when you’ve done it for a few years straight. Damn you make it once after finishing last just about every year since coming into the division. Get over yourself… Pathetic. Its like a coke addict being excited about being clean for a day after using for 8 years straight.

  10. Philadelphia supporting a second baseball team is realy not comparable at all to Nationals trying to win over the Baltimore market. They should start by winning over their own city. Do they not have civillians in D.C.? BTW, Washington, D.C looks down their collective nose at Bsltimore, but now they’re Orioles fans. Right, that’s why they can’t sell out playoff games.

  11. @Jim I’m sure you are one of the many Phillies bandwagon fans, so I’ll drop some knowledge on you.
    The Phillies have been playing continuously since 1883… 1 8 8 3!!!! 2 TWO DOS ZWEI 2 World Series titles. 125+ opportunities and you win 2???
    You’re right though, the Phillies had a nice lil 5 year run… thanks to the other teams being down. That period is over. Phils go back to doing what they have been doing for over a century… Losing.

  12. Some new teams take hold, some never do. The Nats are owned by some richie rich who will pay whatever is necessary to win, no matter how irrational. Just like the Marlins did. And they won two titles and now have a jewel of a stadium and are sliding into irrelevancy.
    DC isn’t even really a city, it is a place where many go to hang out in their early 20s, then go home to make a difference. This is why nobody cares about the Caps, nobody cares about the Bullets (like anyone even knew they changed their name), and no one cares about the Nats. You guys didn’t even sell out your clinching games. Who cares if you didn’t sell out a midweek series. You don’t even sell out the important games. That has nothing to do with building a fan base.
    We are fully exempting the Skins from the conversation. They are superb fans who always show up, despite a decade of horrible ownership. It isn’t their fault that Snyder is such a greedy pig. But screw the Nats. Better win this year because next year you guys will be at best third place behind the adult teams in the Phils and Braves.

  13. Unless those people spent the entire game in the can, even the Cardinals had a bunch of empty seats in the premium zip code behind home plate yesterday.

  14. @Natsfan Far from a Bandwagoner. I have been a diehard through the ugly years. However after one solid season I wasn’t gloating about how my Phillies were so much better then the Braves or Mets, who were at the time established power houses. I wanted to allow my team a chance to prove something before bashing the Mets or Braves. Guess as a Nats fan you will take what you can get huh?

  15. You are all idiots. This isn’t changing, despite months of observation of your idiotic rantings despite Philly being given a rich opportunity to develop some humility. Instead it’s hubris as usual. Dumb phucks.

  16. We possibly are the most knowledgeable fan base out there. We are passionate about our Phillies.

  17. A Nationals fan calling a Phillies fan “Bandwagon” is hilarious… you Nats “Fans” will be back to not knowing your backup players names in a few short months when your team falls back into irrelevance.

  18. You guys didn’t even show up this, basically a walk to a division title. Take a look at how the Phils did attendance-wise in 2007, our first division title year when we were in first place for like three days. Nats fans don’t even like their own team in a playoff year.

  19. Nats beat us this year–WE HATE THEM!!
    Cards beat us last year–WE HATE THEM!!
    Giants beat us 2 years ago–WE HATE THEM!!
    GO REDS!!! GO REDS!!!

  20. Im Routing for Jim Thome and the O’s this post season. Not sure if that has a any relevance to this conversation but got to route for something I guess.

  21. At this point in the proceedings, I could care less. Yo, Kyle, it’s time to move on, my brother. Give this nonsense with the gNats and their pathetic fanbase a rest.

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