Here’s a Ridiculous Jack In The Box Ad That May or May Not be Making Slight Fun of Flyers Fans and or People From Philadelphia, for This Slow Wednesday

Here’s a horrible, barely-relevant, somewhat offensive, but mostly nonsensical Jack In The Box commercial for the new Sourdough Cheesesteak Melt, which sounds positively awful. The spot, I think, takes jabs at the accents, sensibilities and apparent mullets of Flyers fans.

H/T to (@MikeyD_OandBP) for sending over

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21 Responses

  1. It’s a North jersey Housewives meets ah, i have no idea.
    30 seconds of my life i’ll never get back……

  2. That bimbo got my juices flowing, she looks like every bottle blonde south philly girl i jammed down onto my dirty irish port richmond cock. “wait, let me spit my gum out!!!”

  3. So when you generalize insults about other cities based on one fan, that’s ok but a commercial comes out that is obviously a national opinion of Philly and you’re offended
    Reminds me of the time you argued with randy miller that you’ve been to the cities (Pitt, dc, and boston) despite the fact you only went to pitt once for a phillies series that you recapped and probably went to Boston once or twice to see a red sox game in may. Yet your argument was in the context of hockey and you have never been to a caps, pens, or bruins game

  4. I wanna talk about the Phillies. I think what the Phillies need is right handed batters that can hit left handed pitching. Not only should they hit left handed pitching, they should hit left handed pitching for power, because we have left handed batters like Utley, Howard, Brown, Rollins, Galvis, etc that can’t hit left handed pitching, so I think we need right handed batters that can hit left handed pitching for power, we have none of those guys and Ruf is not the answer.

  5. I went to a Eagles/Ravens preseason game in Baltimore…best part was seeing Johnny Unitas on the Ravens sidelines.
    ( i was gonna post about Jeff Lurie wanting a threesome for his 40th birthday, but thought it a bit too out there for some to wrap their heads around)
    Remember, everybody has a grapevine.

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