image from mobilwi.typepad.comPhoto: Sixers

During the Eagles implosion yesterday, a report came out that Andrew Bynum would undergo another previously scheduled knee procedure, in addition to the odd, space agey one that he underwent in Germany last month. This one will inject fluid into Bynum’s knee that will act as a joint lubricator, according to a report by Dei Lynam, who also notes that while it is a common procedure, this is the first any of us are hearing about it. 

The biggest concern with Bynum, only 24, is his knees. He is seven-feet tall and almost 300 pounds, and already has a history of knee troubles. Now we’re barely into the pre-season and there’s already three separate issues or incidents surrounding said joint(s).

The first was planned and expected– the Sixers knew that Bynum would undergo the same procedure Kobe Bryant has done last season, in Germany. But then Bynum showed up to camp with what he claimed was an unrelated knee issue, a bone bruise of sorts. Now knee injections, which we don’t know if they’re related to the two previous issues or not. Lynam’s source (likely someone very close to the team or part of the coaching staff) claims that the procedure was previously scheduled, though I’m not sure I buy that. Would the Sixers really have been that eager to trade for a guy with a history of knee problems, who was scheduled to have two separate, albeit minor knee procedures before the season started? That seems either incredibly stupid or not true. 

Last week, Howard Eskin posited that Bynum’s knee troubles were more severe than the Sixers were letting on (looking good on that one) and that the Lakers gave the Sixers damaged goods. The last part will require a much larger sample size… but thus far the Andrew Bynum era is off to a lousy start.