I Think Asante Samuel Just Took a Shot at Andy Reid

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 10.10.38 AM
Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 10.10.38 AM

Shots fired! Falcons in Philly in two weeks! Fun things!

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22 Responses

  1. I think Samuel is saying that HE has not declined, but that perhaps Castillo pointed fingers at the players when he and his schemes were largely to blame. I don’t see any Reid reference at all.

  2. Bob you dumb fuck – HOW IS ASANTE BETTER than DRC or NNAMDI?
    Asante never practiced because of his “hamstring”
    DeSean can tackle better than him
    He only played one side of the field, and bit on double moves more than your mom bit on getting double teamed last weekend

  3. Anyone who says we are worse off without Asante is a MORON. Asante doesn’t tackle, always talking ish, alwyas too injured to practice, wouldn’t be at all flexible within the defense, and bit on double moves all the time. Not to mention how many times he would go for the interception and blow his coverage. DRC is heads and tails above Asante, and Nnamdi is Namdi. I’ll take both, plus Brandon Boykin and Brandon Hughes over Asante.

  4. Nnamdi & DRC run from contact. At least when Assante was beat he went for the ball. Nnamdi is the most overrated incoming athlete philly has EVER seen. Don’t think Jacoby Jones eats Assante for lunch like he did Nnamdi.
    Also last season DRC should return his paycheck.

  5. In the 60s Packers Center Jim Ringo told Coach Lombardi ” My agent says I don’t have to do these drills”
    Lombardi walked off the field, came back and said ” Call your agent, you play for the Eagles now”
    ” They didnt bring me here to tackle”
    – Assante Samuel

  6. I would have given Assante more props if he ended his tweet with #TheTimeIsYours

  7. Fuck Asante! I did. That’s besides the point though, Asante is still a douche even though he’s right about what he tweeted up there. And no misspelled words! Holy crap, did someone give him a brain transplant? Way to go Asante, must be that hooked on Phonics I sent him for the “O” face he gave me..

  8. hopefully andy and d jax will be taking the shots in two weeks… hit sante with the double move and a long score should keep him quiet for a while.

  9. I won’t be surprised when the Eagles beat the Falcons in two weeks. 1. They always win after their bye week. 2. This team seems to play up to the good teams and down to the bad ones.

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