I Think Michael Vick is Full of Shit

Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 3.16.53 PMYou know, fuck this shit. 

Michael Vick, who wrote a goddamn book about his ridiculous life, refused to answer a question today about owning a dog. He told reporters that he wasn’t going to discuss it and what goes on in his personal life is not to be talked about.

From Tim McManus, who asked the question: [Philly Mag]

“I’m here to strictly talk about football,” said Vick. “What goes on in my personal life is not to be talked about. What’s most important right now is the Philadelphia Eagles and getting a win this Sunday.”


[The folks at Taking It To The House have the audio.]

That’s fine. Don’t talk about it. You don’t have to. But find another reason, Mike.

Even though our own Adam Reigner was the one who caught Vick tweeting and then (ridiculously) deleting and re-taking a picture of him and his daughter at their kitchen table – first with an open box of Milk-Bones on the table, then without – let me be the first to say that I couldn’t give two shits if Michael Vick owns a dog (literally, I tried to think about it and shit– I couldn't), which he very obviously does. He spent more time in prison than anyone else for his particular crime. And I’m fairly certain he’s not going to beat, choke or electrocute his daughter’s dog. But Vick and his gaggle of hanidicapable handlers have spent the past two years jamming his personal life down our throats. He’s a changed man. He’s a great family man. Buy this product. Buy this book. Check out my little cousin wearing my V7 swag (available exclusively at Modell’s!). Check out my three-year-old niece’s clothing line for kids! Buy this non-licensed Eagles shirt from my wife’s store! Buy my fucking book! Buy my fucking book! Buy my fucking book! Buy my fucking book

 From the book's website:

Michael dives deep into every aspect of his life, including family, faith and football. He shares never-before-told details about his youth, career, conviction, imprisonment and his return to the NFL.

The book also tells the story of redemption. How a broken man sought and received forgiveness for his wrongs, was shown grace by the most unlikely people and had a fairy tale-like NFL season for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010.


His niece's clothing line:

Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 3.19.59 PM
Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 3.19.59 PM 

You get the point. Vick may be the nicest, most changed guy on Earth. But his public image – whatever it is – may also be the most carefully crafted in sports. He literally can’t afford one misstep. So, his speaking out against dog fighting, his family man status, and his $100 million contract which actually isn’t a $100 million contract since the final year was voided when he played in his sixth game last year and because only about $40 million is guaranteed… all carefully constructed things to present Vick in a positive light. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, Vick’s been more than happy to use his wife, kids, life, whatever to promote his new self. Now he won’t talk about his personal life? Bullshit. That's because it doesn’t suit the perfect image he is trying to project. He knows that – right or not – the general reaction to him owning a dog wouldn’t be a good one. That was made clear when comments he made to Piers Morgan this summer, that he planned on getting a dog for his kids, became national headlines. So his hesitancy to talk about it is understandable, even though he now looks worse by avoiding it. But his line about not discussing his personal life? That’s bullshit. 

[I enjoy Eliot Shorr-Parks' take, too. He buys Vick's redemption, and that's precisely why Vick refusing to answer bothers him.]

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  1. Ron Mexico is a scumbag. Mexico owning a dog is the same as a pedophile having a kid after prison.

  2. I just wanted to remind you that you have now posted multiple times about dog treats…How can you still be considered a “sports blogger”??

  3. Yeah, Iron Balls, except for the the fact that its a fucking dog. So, its nothing like a a pedo with a kid. Dick…

  4. who cares,i just want a championship. Must be a slow news day since this news came out days ago.

  5. youre really getting bent out of shape about this. i wouldnt talk to the media about my dog if i were him either

  6. See, this is the kind of crap we have to deal with when there’s no October baseball and no NHL.
    It’s sad. Goddamit.

  7. I actually enjoyed your point on this Kyle. I think you made it well. I mean that too, no sarcasm. Stop with the “look at me I’m a changed man crap”, and then freak cause you don’t want to talk about the dog you clearly own. If anything, owning a dog now, and showing that you are treating it right, might make some people change there mind about you. (might not either but whatever) And if he is allowed to own a dog now, why would he hide it?
    Also, I agree with Lt. this is kind of crap we have to read (and me comment about) when Giroux is playing in Germany. FUCK YOU BETTMAN.

  8. Kyle, why do you have so much hatred towards every player for very team in Philadelphia? Are you actually a Philadelphia sports fan? Or a closet New York fan? And your article makes zero sense. In his book and elsewhere are forums for him to speak about his personal life. When he’s standing at his locker or at the podium to talk about the upcoming game, why would he discuss his private life at that time? It’s also funny you pour out so much hatred towards every Philadelphia sports athlete (minus Brian Dawkins) but yet anytime someone says something negative about you or your articles you immediately delete them. At least when you were on vacation, that other dude wrote about actual sports. That was the only week I’ve ever enjoyed reading CB. And it wasn’t filled with any negativity. You should try that out.

  9. There was this one time once where I wanted to talk about something bad that had happened in my life.
    Then there was this other time where I wasn’t really in the mood to talk about it, nor did I feel like it was my obligation to talk about it just because someone brought it up. And I wasn’t even standing at a podium in front of a room full of strangers.
    But let’s feign outrage.

  10. Who gives a shit. Ask yourself this: can anything good come out of him confirming to the public that he owns a dog? Calm the fuck down. Hate him for his play if you want, but dog be an arrogant douche bag.

  11. because you media faggots and douchebags would do nothing but post “silly” pics with big white letters over pictures of his dog, and make countless jokes about it… for months.
    I personally thank him for not saying he owns a dog, I would be so fucking annoyed at facebook for the 3 months after it, I’d go back to myspace.
    good job mr vick, dont give these dickheads any fodder

  12. the question is who is more full of shit, kyle scott or michael vick? since this website is now horrible.

  13. I love that he won’t talk about anything but football. I fucking love it. As a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, I couldn’t care less about his personal life, or his daughters dog. All I care about in regards to Michael Vick is if he can stop turning the ball over, recognize a damn blitz, read a cover-2 zone, and last but damn sure not least stay the fuck healthy.
    If these guys don’t want these questions asked, then they need to get rid of their twitter or at least stfu on that shit. Twitter is the worst thing that ever happened, anywhere, ever.

  14. klye your fag colors are showing again… dude this is a sports blog who cares if the man owns a dog or not.

  15. there’s a box on the table – sorry media doosh-bags – means nothing
    I have numerous cigar boxes in my house – never smoked a cigar in my life
    I have files stored in beer cases – I don’t drink –
    maybe the girl needed a box for a school project – who knows – who cares
    the guy is not legally prevented from owning a dog – NO STORY
    the guy needs to worry about fumbling and reading blitzes – but Philly’s best want to know about a dog
    really getting tired of this blog
    i’m going to deadspin now to see what this blog will have tomorrow

  16. Sounds to me like you want to have it both ways. You rip Vick for not wanting to discuss a personal matter in the week leading up to a football game. Last fall, you ripped Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino for tweeting about their personal lives and having the audacity to move on after the Phillies has been eliminated. And of course, there was Ryan Howard taking his son to Dorney Park during an off day in a rehab assignment. Basically, you want guys to lock themselves away training if they dare enjoy themselves doing something not job-related, but if they choose no to discuss an issue that’s not job-related when preparing for a game, then you still write a whiny, pissy article. Damned if you do, damed if you don’t

  17. Kyle Scott you POS undercover racist SOB,the next time you write something credible or positive about Philly teams or athletes will be the first time(unless its about some white athlete).
    I wonder if your bitch ass would have the heart to say half the shit your punk ass complain about to the athletes face(PUNK ASS MOTHAFUCKA).

  18. I’m confused as to why it matters that he’s ducking the dog question from a PR standpoint…Pretty obvious he’d do that if he got a dog, that’s what a PR department is for. The media shitstorm that would have emerged had he opened up about being a dog owner would be huge, causing an unnecessary distraction for an already flustered QB and his team.

  19. What goes on in my personal life is not to be talked about…but follow me on twitter, where I will update you with (carefully edited) pictures of my personal life.

  20. This is the profession we’ve chosen. high tech instant pictures/video/twitter/instagram/facebook etc.
    If you’re gonna dance with the devil, don’t bitch when he steps on your toes.
    the smartest people stay under the radar.
    Where I work we joke about an EMP blast will send us all back to the stone age….no phones no anything.
    we’ll be talkin into soup cans with wax strings.

  21. his personal life has been shoved down my throat?? by who Kyle?? the only place i hear about this crap is on this site. You say you dont care and yet you keep spending time on this. Just like the idiots on the radio, get it through your heads, we dont care about the dog thing anymore, move on. the reason Vick has to be so cautious is because he knows you and all your media butthole buddies are waiting to catch him doing ANYTHING that YOU consider wrong , so you can scream from the mountain tops GOTCHA!!! He is outsmarting all of you and it burns doesnt Kyle. Whether his redemption is real or not, i dont care, i just want him to stop fumbling the ball.

  22. That dog looks too healthy to have been at sea with no food for 3 weeks. Still its a lucky dog ^_^ Hope it finds a happy home with loinvg kids and dies after a long happy life and in a peaceful sleep. They should name it lucky.

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