I’m on the New “Great Sports Debate” (and You Should Watch)

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I know what you’re thinking– multi-platform superstar. Media mogul. Sports empire. All that stuff. Trust me, I’m thinking it too.

Actually… Glen Macnow, Al Morganti and Rhea Hughes are bringing the Great Sports Debate back for a third run, this time sans Angelo Cataldi, and they’ve asked me to play a small part. 

Each week, I’ll give a short Andy Rooney-style rant on something that is decidedly ridiculous and most likely frivolous. Didgeevverr wonder why bloggers have such pasty skin in front of stage lights? That sort of stuff.

Other additions and upgrades to the show include a band, Julie Dorenbos and Susie Celek, and I think a dog. It will film every Wednesday at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly at 7 p.m., and air Thursdays at 7 p.m. on the Comcast Network and Fridays at 11 a.m. and midnight on Comcast SportsNet. 

We filmed the first episode last night. Sarah Baicker swung by to talk hockey and Hollis Thomas (and his Spider-Man t-shirt) was there to talk Eagles. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I told Consuela only the green M&M’s!


20 Responses

  1. i dont know who is the bigger fraud you are mike florio… neither of you know shit about shit but always manage to appear on shows and get mentions… go figure.

  2. You know, Swoop, maybe some success would come your way if you stopped obsessing about other peoples victories.

  3. You need to get some decent clothes period and…I dunno maybe shave? wtf dude, jc penny shirt? you want to be taken serious you need to spruce up your act a bit. You’re going to a bar but you’re not going there to chase tail and get shitfaced.

  4. maybe this season they can bring on someone from 97.5?? that would be nice….instead of an all WIP show….Bruno and Missanelli would be a good start…

  5. I would absolutely love to motor boat mrs magic man big fake cans. Bssssszzzzzzbssssssszzzzzzzzzzsssssa

  6. How disturbing is Rhea up close? I mean it’s bad enough you have to hear that voice and listen to her stupidity. But to actually have to look at her? Hope you got hazard pay..

  7. If Susie Celek is divorced, how come she wont change her last name?
    Is it because she looks like a man?

  8. Why is Angelo not going to be on it? Anyone know? Loved that show, I would occasionally catch it, then I missed it going off-air.
    Anyways, fuck Missanelli, never could stand that guy. WIP crew > 97.5 crew.
    And I too would like to fuck Mrs. Dorenbos’ titties, given the chance.

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