Jerry Sandusky Sentenced to 30-60 Years in Jail

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Papa Jer was sentenced to not less than 30 years and not more than 60 years in prison, with credit for time served. That's significantly less than the maximum he was facing, but it probably won't matter. Judge Cleland described his decision thusly:

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Sandusky, 68, would be eligible to get out of jail when he’s 98. So, his sentence is, in effect, a life sentence. 

In the courtroom, Sandusky reportedly repeated “I did not do these disgusting acts.” Several victims spoke, quite colorfully, about the damage Sandusky inflicted upon them.

Sandusky's terrible lawyers will appeal– they think they weren't given enough time to prepare for the trial.

via CNN, Patriot News


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  1. What a sick, lying, piece of shit, fuck. Rot in hell Sandusky. No remorse for his sins whatsoever. Fucking disgusting. They should of made it the 433 year max, or whatever it was.

  2. Sara looks homely. They should dig up Joe Pa and threw his bones in jail. On a side note I wonder what Scott pa had for breakfast

  3. Nice to see Boss Hogg & Bill O’Brien’s evil twin deputy hauling Jer away for the last time

  4. Prison for one healthy male in Pennsylvania costs tax payers over $42,000 per year per inmate. Unless they get old and require health care, then it goes up by a huge margin. So let’s say the sick fuck stays healthy for 30 years. That’s $1,260,000.00
    A bullet costs less than $1.00.
    When are we going to just take sick fuckers like this out back and shoot them in the bean?
    Your mother takes no prisoners!

  5. I think the key word in Sandusky’s repeated statement is “disgusting”. Of course, Jerry, you didn’t do these “disgusting acts”, because in your mind they weren’t disgusting at all. In your mind, they were wonderful displays of your love for little boys. Sick.

  6. The Catholic Priesthood, The Boy Scouts of America, this shit is everywhere. alot of british men go to Indonesia for little boy sex.
    Men in power think they can get away with anything.

  7. Over/under on how long before Jerry is molested in the shower: two months. I’m praying for the under.

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