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Move over, the Discount Double Check and Victor Cruz’s ridiculous salsa dance, there’s a new gimmick in town… and this one never gets the ball.

LeSean McCoy’s endzone dance – which is apparently a thing now – is being sponsored by Ubisoft, makers of the new Hip Hop Dance Experience video game.

Go ahead, absorb that last sentence.

The company sent two choreographers to Philly to help Shady come up with his new moves, which are fairly awful and kind of make me want to see the Eagles stick with their pass-heavy offense. But you can judge for yourself.

It doesn’t have a name yet– that’s where you come in. McCoy is looking for suggestions on his Twitter account (@CutonDime25), part of a cross-promotional effort that, strangely, makes me hate myself a little.

For each touchdown Shady scores, Ubisoft will make a token donation to the LeSean McCoy Foundation.

Watch the video after the jump.

via Bleeding Green Nation