Max Talbot is Apparently Doing a Series of Viral Videos for Assassin’s Creed III

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There are a pair of viral videos featuring Max Talbot circling the intertubes. Last week, one reader (I forget who) sent me one: a video of Talbot seemingly doing a one-finger pushup. The other is Talbot shooting a hockey puck out of the air with a bow and arrow.

I was somewhat skeptical (because of their ridiculousness), and unsure how old they were. So I forgot about them. But over the past few days, I’ve seen more links to the videos on Twitter, and they were picked up by CSN under the headline: Watch Max Talbot Shoot a Puck Out of Midair with a Bow and Arrow.

I guess the Evan Longoria Snags Foul Ball With Bare Hand headline was already taken. 

Talbot did not such thing.

As has been pointed out by many online commenters,, CBS Sports, and The Philly Post, the videos are apparently part of an odd guerrilla marketing campaign for Assassin’s Creed III.

Adam Gretz, CBS Sports:

And the original video that features Talbot (wearing the same hooded sweatshirt as in the video above) doing one-finger pushups in front of, conveniently enough, an Assassins Creed banner.


Mike Bertha, The Philly Post:

In the first video, Talbot is seen in a training session (complete with a black hoodie, hood up) in front of an American flag with the Assassin’s Creed logo in it. In the second video, Talbot offers his best Hawkeye impression and shoots a hockey puck out of mid air with a bow and arrow. Again, hoodie, quiver and bow and arrow.


Here’s the thing, though: No one seems to know why Max Talbot, of all people, is doing viral promos for a video game. If you have any insight or theories, I’m all ears, because, as you can probably tell, today seems like it’s going to be a slow news day.

You can watch the videos after the jump.

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18 Responses

  1. Isn’t the game about the American Revolution? Am I missing something by them using a Canadian for their viral ads?

  2. Ubisoft is Montreal based folks, Talbot is from Montreal. Local company uses local celeb for marketing.. shocker!

  3. ayo tiffy. I could go for a pastrami on rye with a pickle spear and bag of kettle chips. For my bev. fresh squeezed lemonade would be superb.

  4. No hockey, that is what this is aboot. Guys gotta make some extra money some how, eh?
    Thank you Tiff, it is always nice to know I have some female fans who strictly adore me for my dashing good looks. Maybe some time we can get together and I can treat you to Timmy’s, eh?

  5. please stop calling it the “intertubes”
    and the “interwebs”
    and the “intewebtuals”
    …that is so fucking stupid

  6. I wanna talk about the Phillies. I think what the Phillies need is right handed batters that can hit left handed pitching. Not only should they hit left handed pitching, they should hit left handed pitching for power, because we have left handed batters like Utley, Howard, Brown, Rollins, Galvis, etc that can’t hit left handed pitching, so I think we need right handed batters that can hit left handed pitching for power, we have none of those guys and Ruf is not the answer.

  7. Tiffany, you’re so right! So much more than the posters on here that can come up with nothing more than “get me a sandwich”. Dudes, put down the beer, save the minuscule amount of brain cells you have left. You’ll need them for taking orders at McD’s.

  8. Hey Max, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but Talbot is French-Canadian, so he doesn’t use colloquialisms like “eh” and his accent is completely different than that of some “hoser” from Saskatoon or London. He wouldn’t pronounce “about” as “aboot”, like one Robert Earle Clarke would…
    Nice try though, bud

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