Merrill Reese’s Calls of Lawrence Tynes’ Field Goal Attempts are Awesome

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Merrill Reese felt… exactly how you felt when he learned that Andy Reid called timeout before Lawrence Tynes and his legbia (that’s a hybrid of leg and la… never mind, you get it) missed their first of two game-winning field goal attempts. 

This confused and euphoric rant is brought to you by Doublemint Gum. Double your pleasure, double your funITSNOGOOOOOOOD!

Audio courtesy of 94 WIP


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  1. Merrill has some distinctive calls and his voice is classic but he has some piss poor play-by-play skills. He never tells you who caught ball, the yard line where it was caught and/or the distance to first down. It is usually one of the above but not all of them.
    “And it’s caught and he is a little bit short of a first down…….. this brings up a 3rd and 6.”
    What? Who? how can a little bit short bring up 3rd and 6?

  2. Shut up, Merrill is a legend. He is great to listen too. “4th and Vineland” always makes me laugh.
    Anyway, Mike Quick is like Tom McCarthy/Chris Wheeler bad. “Are you telling me the Eagles called a timeout before the kick?” Yes Mike. It was pretty clear that is what happened. He is tough to listen to. At least his stupidity is only once a week and not every night like Wheels and T-Mac.

  3. Hate to say PatsPants is right, time for Merrill to think about the radio hall of fame.
    He can’t call games anymore. Love his voice, but there’s nothing more annoying than getting less than half the info about what just happened, and very late at that. Final two minutes of week one vs Cleve was catastrophic, actually made the wrong call about three times, including wrong penalties, I wanted to punch my radio. Feels like I’m listening to my dad call the game.
    Retire as a legend dude, while you still can.

  4. Love Merrill. He is so classic. If he was a referee looking at a review he would have a TERRIBLE record. Half the time I don’t know what the hell he is looking at. But the man is a legend.

  5. Nobody is hating on Merrill. He’s a great guy, always has been.
    He also needs to retire, he can no longer effectively call football on radio. He says IT’S COMPLETE FOR A FIRST DOOOOOWN! very well, but doesn’t tell you at what yard line or what really happened until much later, if at all.
    He is on radio. You must be a much better announcer to call radio, see Saunders T, Franske S, Scully V, many many others.

  6. As an eagles fan living in san diego i was lucky enough to have heard chick hearn. He was the absolute best broadcaster ive ever heard.
    Not because of his play by play, but his knowledge of his team and the levity he brought to the table.
    Meryl has the knowledge and the passion.
    He has the love.
    There is nobody else i would rather hear.
    He is a fan calling the game.
    Losing chick suckd, relish every moment of meryl.

  7. I fucking hate Merrill Reese. Biggest homer in football and the most overrated too. I remember a few years back we were playing the Raiders and every time Janikowski was on the field Reese had some sot of fat joke to throw his way. literally, every time he took the field. The game was close and it came down to a Janikowski kick, to which Merrill made another fat joke before the kick. Janikowski proceeded to bang out a long distance field goal for the win, leaving that turd Reese silent.

  8. How did you get this audio? I have been looking for weeks for WIP highlights of Eagles games?

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