Michael Vick Carried a Football Around All Week to Help Cut Down on His Fumbles

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You know all those Michael Vick jokes you made to your friends this week?  

Hey, it’s 12:42 p.m. on a Tuesday and Vick just fumbled again. 

I heard Vick’s dog learned the “drop” command in about three minutes.

Did you hear it’s going to be called “Michael Vick” when boys hit puberty now? Yeah, because their balls drop!

Well, it turns out the ones about Vick fumbling at random times could have been true. Today he told reporters that for part of the week he carried a football everywhere. Yeah, like in Friday Night Lights or a Matt Christopher book. Like that. It’s a bit elementary… but I actually kind of like it.

So where did he take the ball? Tim McManus has the details on Eagles 24/7:

“Breakfast, to the meetings. Everybody thought it was funny but I didn’t. That’s how much I care about this team, that’s how much I care about our success and winning on Sundays. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that I take care of my responsibilities.”

Vick said that his teammates were trying to strip him of the ball as he walked the hallways of the NovaCare Complex.

“They tried. They tried. The stakes got pretty high…there was a bounty on the ball,” he said, drawing laughs.


Somewhere, Roger Goodell just suspended someone over the bounty.

Will it work? Maybe. Vick’s probably carried a football more in his life than just about any human on Earth, so a few more hours tucking one away probably won’t make much of a difference. What I’d like to see, though, is for Vick to carry a clicker and Slip 'n Slide everywhere, and when his teammates, friends and family randomly click, he slides… feet first. Then he gets a treat.

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  1. That’s an old highschool coaching trick. Make a kid carry a ball all day and tell his teammates to try to take it from him. If that ball doesn’t come back with him the next day for practice, he might as well not show up himself.
    At this point, they should try anything.

  2. Do you ever actually say something good or optimistic about Philly teams, or just add your little snarls and remarks about every goddamn thing??

  3. That was The Program where Omar Epps carried the ball around, not FNL. A movie very underrated for it’s ’90’s awesomeness. Mullets and neon yellow spandex for everyone!!

  4. Lattimer in the program was a real life steroid abuser & c0ke head. I used to run in thr same circles as him back in the 90’s

  5. how you know this dudes a fag he references friday night lights (tv show, not even the movie) instead of the Program about carrying the ball around all day

  6. Vick still sucks. The first game he doesn’t fumble will be the same game where he gets his ribs crushed holding onto the ball too long.

  7. I respect him for trying to learn from his mistakes. A lot of players (Especially established ones) won’t do that (James Harrison, Ryan Clark anyone?)

  8. “Vick is the starter becsuae he gives us the best chance to win games.” End of story. Reid might have gotten heat for changing his mind and not going with Kolb, but now he seems incredibly wishy-washy and indecisive. Most people will side with a coach that wants to win games. Wouldn’t you?Now if Vick comes out Saturday and chokes against the Jaguars, then Reid’s looking at a whole new set of problems…but hey, thats gambling for ya.

  9. I swear I just had that done to me today .week 6 against New England I lost cuz of an ijrnuy timeout giving brady 40 seconds after my kick put my cowboys up 35-33 .and the pats won 35-36 with a winning field goal .time should’ve been ran down to 0 .I hate that .what’s even more weird .I was 4-1 and new england won their first game at 1-5 .that’s unrealistic of New England and I’m a cowboy fan!

  10. They’ve been gunning for him since he bmecae a BLACK quarterback in the NFL. It’s too bad he left himself open for them to have their heyday. Yolanda, you have to be joking. Who has been gunning for him since he came into the league? If you mean the media, perhaps he has received extra scrutiny both because he is a face of the league and because of his numerous off the field issues before any of the dog fighting charges.It’s too bad he left himself open? He committed and participated in the proliferation of brutal killings of animals. On top of that he supplied the venue by these acts and the gambling associated with them could happen. How is that leaving himself open? It is a horrendous set of crimes and although prior to this evidence I was a Michael Vick supporter and could ever look past some of his other issues, I believe that he should be prosecuted fully.

  11. Well. This was not what I expected. I agree with the uninrliedng theme of redemption and forgiveness. I too, as probably everyone reading this has done something that they regret and knew was a bad decision. You are quite vague as to what you did that has you feeling like you can relate to Vick. I am an uber nosy person so you know I’m dying of curiosity but I won’t pry:) .bottom line: good piece, light on the details but your obviously not a gut spiller, and I still hate Vick because what he did was not a moment in time it was an in-depth set up specifically arranged to torture and kill animals. He had no sympathy, compassion or care for them and only showed remorse once caught. He was weak, easily lead by others and full of excuses when it came out. Although its good his attempt at redemption inspires you, trust and believe that on the scale of what you could have done per your scant details compared to him, there is no contest.

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