Michael Vick Got a Flat Tire in Maryland, Gave Little Girls a Thrill

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Perhaps fittingly, Michael Vick broke down halfway to his home in Virginia.

Somewhere on Route 113, in Maryland, right in front of an auto body shop, Vick’s Lexus got a flat tire. Workers from the nearby shop didn’t know who Vick was, but its owner, an Eagles fan, did.

While his car was being worked on (presumably gratis), gymnasts from a nearby, um, gym came out to meet Vick and take pictures with him. Vick was more than happy to oblige, giving some little girls the thrill of their life: [DelmarvaNow.com]

As he and his mechanics worked to bring the Lexus across the highway to the shop, Carmella Solito of the adjacent Twisters Gymnastics came out to see what was going on.

“She came out with her hands on her hips and wanted to know why we were blocking her driveway,” Derrickson said, laughing.

Solito was no longer worried about her driveway when she found out whose car was in the way.

“I said ‘Oh my God, what are you doing here?’ ” she recalled.

Eager to make the most of the experience, Solito invited Vick into her gym, where dozens of children were working on becoming athletes themselves. When she saw he had his wife and two young daughters with them, she encouraged them all to come in.

Vick, she said, talked to the gymnasts while she showed his girls around the facility.

“He was very nice,” she said. “He told them if they worked hard, it would pay off.”

She said Vick was great with the crowd of kids.

“I felt kind of bad, there were about 100 kids here,” she said. “There were little ones just hanging off his leg.”


What's this?! Something not a staged PR event? +1 for Vick.

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  1. Is he really driving around wearing a Nike V7 sweatshirt?
    Also, nice photo bomb by the creepy old guy with what appears to be a Hitler mustache.

  2. Vick is a good dude when it comes to fans. Met him in Vegas the summer when he was getting in trouble for his dog fighting ring. He was at a black jack table with a group of his friends, when we approached him he actually got up from the table walked over to us and talked to us for about ten minutes. It’s nice to see he continues to make time for his fans and doesn’t just brush them off like some athletes.

  3. I’ll guarantee and bet a 1000.00 that the woman who owns the gym was talking mad shit on Vick a few years ago. She probably almost shit herself when she saw him. Like “oh shit is he here to kill me”. And I’ll bet everyone of those kids parents years ago told them Michael Vick was the worst person in the world.

  4. I LOVE these message boards – I think Kyle’s a major-league DOOSH, but I come here for the boards
    Philly sarcasm at it finest – this is literature to me
    nothing is sacred –
    Candy – comment of the day…

  5. Is it true that he forced the children to fight to the death in the gym and gambled on the outcomes?

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