Michael Vick Voted Fourth Most Overrated Player in NFL

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This comes as little surprise.  

Sports Illustrated conducted a poll of 180 NFL players to see who they thought who was the most overrated. The winner? Tim Tebow, of course.

Coming behind him… Mark Sanchez, who I actually think is the worst quarterback on Earth. Tony Romo was third, presumably because he disappears in fourth. He was followed by Michael Vick, who received 4% of the vote, good for fourth place.

Ray Lewis, who may have killed a man, came in fifth.

Carry on.


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  1. people still probably hate him for the dog thing… 4% ?? what is 300th place? 2%.
    He is 1 percent away from being tied for 200th.
    another over-hyped negative story… shock.

  2. I was thinking the same thing, what does 4% mean? 1 more person voted for him then whoever was the least overrated?

  3. 4% of 180; 7.2 players out of the approximately 1,696 in the NFL voted MV7 as most overrated.

  4. Ray Lewis is over rated? People are retarded. And how is Mark Sanchez on the list? Don’t you have to be rated, to be over rated? Vick Should probably be 2 on the list.

  5. Fourth most overrated? Yeah, that sounds about right. Vick has always been more sizzle than steak, sure, he put up amazing numbers and was good for two or three highlights a week on ESPN, but did all that produce wins? Nope. As for Ray Lewis who’s ticket to Canton is already stamped, I’m sure whoever voted him fifth wouldn’t call him overrated to his face.

  6. Why is Mark Sanchez on this list? Who rates him well at all? Since leaving USC, the only good thing he’s done is Kate Upton.

  7. @Smarter than Pat, maybe he meant as a running back… Or perhaps as a preacher…

  8. Over-rated and despised nationwide, yet Eagles fans love him. Great job, everyone.
    Wasn’t Vick ranked 77th best player in some magazine over the summer and he went on the radio complaining that the ranking was disrespectful and he knows he’s an elite quarterback? He was gonna prove all the “haters” wrong.
    Great job so far, killer.

  9. Slamming: Tebow had better pray (pardon the pun) that he’s a better preacher, because he sucks as a running back.

  10. Tebow and Sanchez “overrated”? I have never met a soul who thought that they were that good. Certainly no sports analysts or writers either. Maybe they mean there is too much written about Tebow.

  11. Ray Lewis is 100% overrated. And a murderer.
    He could learn a few life lessons from James Harrison.

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