Of Course Hunter Pence Hit the Ball Three Times with One Swing

Pence_swingGIF via SB Nation

Good morning. Here’s your #dickpunch for the day. Only Hunter Pence (and whatever that strange facial hair growth is) would manage to make contact with a pitched ball three times while hitting a harmless chopper to short that turned into a three-run double (plus error) to give his team a commanding 5-0 lead in Game 7 of the NLCS. Only Hunter Pence, who will play in the World Series.

That video plus bonus video about Hunter Pence's pre-game sermons, after the jump.

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33 Responses

  1. Still not really sure why we dumped him…Stings too since I still see his face plastered all over Liscios billboards all the time.

  2. @Pete H
    um. because he fucking sucks? look at his average since the trade. look at his postseason average. jesus christ. i didnt care for it at the time, but how people dont see it now especially with his absent minded fielding on top of his now offensive decline, i dont get it. just because he’s a likeable guy doesnt make him a great player. he hasnt even been a good player since the trade.
    if anything this is good for the phillies. now the giants, who are a contender in the phillies’ way, are going to be mistakenly swayed to give this guy 15 mil a year of multiple years when all he’s done is suck except for one hit last nite.
    pence is going to go the way of lincecum, once his pure talent declines due to age, the complete lack of funadementals in his game won’t allow him to adjust, and he’s going to be terrible. it’s already starting to happen with both of them.

  3. Speaking of dickpunches what’s with the new Yahoo-style fullscreen java add that loads with the homepage? Gay.

  4. What’s with the hate? He’s a good guy who tried hard. Just sucked. Still sucks. But that’s no reason not to root for him. As Philly fans we always say all we want is for a guy to give it his all every play … well despite Pence’s many deficiencies, nobody has ever questioned his effort.

  5. Gotta gif the shortstop’s ankles breaking in half as ball flaired inside out back to center field. Dude had to be like “what the fuuuuuuck?!”

  6. I used to sincerely like your blog – now it sucks
    We trade a few players – and your comments are more about those players than anything Philly related
    Who cares what Pence did – who cares about Werth – Who cares about Carter and Richards – get off their dicks dude …
    I’m done viewing this site – way to predictable

  7. This is what I hate about Philadelphia fans. He was traded away. The organization chose to trade him. He didn’t leave on his own. Who cares if he got a hit, even if it was ugly as hell. Good for him.

  8. I don’t get the dislike for Pence, he didn’t do or say anything wrong when he was here or when he left. Dislike for Werth I get, not Pence.

  9. It’s call ad revenue guys. I run this blog to make money, not for your appeasement. If you don’t like it don’t read. I can make do with a few less readers

  10. Looks like I went into the wrong business then…wish I could get paid and make money for knowing absolutely nothing, acting like a tool, and copy and pasting other stories from around the internet…

  11. Doesn’t really matter to me. Good for him or whatever. We got Nate Schierholtz and Tommy Joseph for him (Tommy Joseph was their best prospect), and that’s great return for a guy like Hunter Pence.

  12. Hunter Pence was a class act in Philly and when he was traded seemed genuinely upset and thanked the fans for their support. He never said anything against the Phillies or the city. Now that he is in San Fran of course he is going to play to their fans and support his team. He probably is happier now that he is with the Giants anyway because HE IS PLAYING IN THE WORLD SERIES. I would bet he is just fine with the trade, especially given the fact that he is getting a ring this year.
    I don’t know why people have to dislike him for doing his job.

  13. I hate the hipster douchebag team that is the San Francisco Giants.
    He seems like a nice dude, and i was doing handstands when we got him last year. Loved him til mid-season this year. I soured on him a little i guess, but fuck the Giants anyway. Fitting for a team of wierdo hipster assholes would be in that shit town.

  14. Gotta laugh at all these two-faced, revisionist “fans” who loved Pence to death when he came here, but soured on him because he wasn’t the second coming of Albert Pujols, then wanted him gone in the worst way after he let them down. Pretty goddamn fickle I’d say. Was Pence everything he was advertised to be? Sadly, no, I won’t deny that, but that wasn’t his fault, the guy did his best, he just didn’t get the job done. End of story. Unlike most of the potty-mouthed children here, I have no animosity towards Pence, he’s living his dream by being in the World Series, but that bubble will be quickly burst by the Tigers starting tomorrow night when Justin Verlander blows the Giants away.

  15. @Bastardo’s Giant Quads Go fuck your mother, the only bitch that would ever consider giving you a blow job. DOn’t be a hater because you have a limp dick and can’t score a chick in SF or anytown USA. Here in California we like our men to look good and even better know how to treat a lady, unlike you goons with out an original thought in their heads except blame and hating everyone when things don’t go your way. Like I said go suck your mamas titties.

  16. Thanks to all those Phillies fans that put those brutish haters in their place.
    It’s JUST A GAME. No need to trash others and call people fag, etc…Those losers just WISH they could play a boys game and make millions. Just think, MILLIONS even if they LOSE!
    People like Christian Stengal,Kevin Sullivan and Kyle scot are the douchebags. They are too chicken to even post their emails or contact.

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