Officials Found Substantial Drug Paraphernalia in Garrett Reid’s Room and are Still Trying to Determine Where it Came From

Northampton County officials held a press conference today to address Garrett Reid’s death.

Some interesting things: As expected, Reid died of a heroin overdose. A spoon, syringe and unknown substance were found near his body, which was discovered by police on the floor of his dorm room, next to a chair. Officials say Reid was initially found slumped in the chair, but the Eagles’ team doctor pulled Reid off when using the defibrillator on him.

One person (unnamed) saw Reid twice the night before, at 11:15 p.m. and in the early morning hours, and didn’t notice anything amiss.

Reid’s manner of death is no longer under investigation. But police are still looking at his phone in an attempt to discover where or from whom he obtained 19 vials of an unknown liquid and over 100 syringes and needles that were in a Reebok gym bag, which was found in the room at Lehigh. Basically, who sold him the drugs?

There were some prescription drugs found, too, but officials don’t believe they were anything out of the ordinary.


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  1. Man. It’s going to be August post all over again. He was a junkie n Andy n the eagles knew he was still on drugs. Bibins wife was the slut

  2. Juan Castillo’s cousin who is part of MS-13 and the Zeta Cartel sold him the drugs.

  3. YOU GUYS ARE HORRIBLE. a young man is no longer living due to the evil devil that is addiction. it really is sad that this all happend, however, please fire andy reid. nothing personal just football

  4. 19 vials of an unknown liquid? with 100 syringes? in a gym bag? Sounds like steroids to me. Not heroin. No doubt he died from heroin, but the vials sounds more like steroid use. Which I don’t think its a secret that hes been known to participate in that as well. Not to tread on the poor guys grave though

  5. Definitely Dave Spadaro… That guy MUST be on drugs… Those articles man…. those articles…..

  6. I’m thinking Brett Celek & Todd Herramans gave it to Garrett. I heard their god awful bar is a big drug Joint. Also heard celeks ex wife is a speed head

  7. Sucks to hear out loud what everyone already knew. And now Andy is going to lose his job too…….not a good year for the Reid family. Clock is ticking on the other son.

  8. Kyle,
    If you have out a prize for the dumbest post of the year, odds are it would go to that Edward Murphy guy. But this guy above (“i shouldnt know this much”) has to be in the running. Ever hear of a toxicology test? He clearly does of heroin. They tested it moron.

  9. Mr. Meoffe,
    First and foremost, nobody on here or out there in life is ever going to take you seriously with a childish, immature name. If you want to participate in the meaningful discussion of a serious problem facing our nation today, that is rampant drug use by the youth of America then I suggest start by using your real name. People like you that come on here and try to make a mockery of a serious problem by making inaccurate, misinformed sad attempts at humor, completely disgust me. Let’s get serious people
    Mr. I shouldn’t know this much, clearly posted that Mr. Reid passed away due to heroin, which is so sad and my heart goes out to the family. (Mr. I shouldn’t know this much, I would like to set up a side bar with you regarding the allegation of steroid use. It is clear to me that you have heard similar rumblings as I and hopefully we can take care of this on the front end. According to sources, there is wide spread steroid use in the Philadelphia Eagles locker room between the players and that the recently deceased participated in as well. I need to work on finding out the legitimacy of these claims and would welcome any supporting evidence that you have on the back end. Hopefully, our research will dismiss these claims, but you can never know, until you dig. People, let’s say no to drugs.
    Mr. JT, I do have some updates regarding the NHL and specifically the atrocity regarding what the Philadelphia Flyers organization is doing with our season ticket money. My findings will completely disgust you. I am finalizing the data and will update you shortly. Also, I am glad to see that the ownership’s proposal did include provisions about head gear to make the game safer, although Ed Snider did attempt to block.

  10. My write in candidate for president is Edward Murphy…he cares about us the people…

  11. The Winter Classic is the only time that hockey is relevant during the regular season. Congratulations NHL players, owners and league officials for ruining your sport yet again. Call me crazy but a 50/50 split seems pretty reasonable to me. I remember when hockey players were just greatful for what they were given.

  12. Dear Jack Meoffe,
    You sir, are an idiot. As Edward Murphy stated, I did say that he died of heroin use. In fact, nobody needed a toxicology report to even come to that conclusion. We all knew that before it even came out.
    I was simply referring to the 19 vials that were found in his dorm room. Which in my opinion, are completely unrelated to his death, and obviously steroids.
    So before you go mocking people, learn to read dumbass.
    Also, Mr. Murphy, I have heard the same, but would rather not get into it because it could compromise friendships with people. But from what I know, it wasn’t any players that mean anything.
    But again, I don’t want to tread on a grave, its a damn shame what happened, all around.
    Go Birds!

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